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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bcpdesigns, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. bcpdesigns

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    So I am tossing around a two 55gal barrel RF smoke idea. Having a divider in the middle between the two so I can either smoke with the whole thing of smoke with half and use the other have for grilling. I am posting to kinda cover my bases as far as all of the different things I would have to make changable.

    I would have to make the FB/CC opening be able to be restricted half with the chamber divider in I know, would I then need to restrict the stack halfway too or will having the stack setup for the double be ok when just using the single side?

    Would I have to not only restrict the FB/CC opening but the actual area under the RF plate as a whole?

    In the pic the little rectangle would be a removable plate that would make the RF plate solid all the way across
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  2. bcpdesigns

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    Ok so I am kinda scrapping the idea to divide off half and whatnot. I'll just throw a shelf in between the cooking grate and RF for charcoal if I want to cook some burgers or whatever after smoking.

    So far what I have come up with numbers wise is

    CC = 31114 cu in
    CC/FB Opening = 125 Sq in approx
    Area under RF plate = 125 Sq in
    RF plate width = 22.45 in
    Area at end of RF = 125 Sq in (which equates to RF plate stopping 5.5 in short of the end of the CC)
    Smoke stack = 4" x 36"
    Air vents on FB = 32 Sq in of vent total approx
    FB volume (since I am going to use part of a third drum I just went by 1/3 of the length of the CC since they are the same diameter) so 1/3 of 70" long is approx 23.5"

    So cook chamber 24" diameter by 70" long and FB 24" diameter by 23.5" long

    I think the math should all be right but we are all human. My major concern right now is that the steel drums are just too thin for a RF smoker. Anyone have any further tips?
  3. daveomak

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    Thin material will lose a lot of heat and temps may not be consistent ... and you may burn LOTS of fuel....
  4. bcpdesigns

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    That's what I was afraid of. After pricing out some supplies for the build last night and some unexpected repairs that the fiancées car needs I think Iight just go with an entry level regular offset from a store for now.

    Thanks for replying though, I mighty appreciate it.
  5. smokejumper

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    Good call.
    Though I am sure we could come up with options to make your smoker work, when money is tight, an off the shelf smoker will get grub on the table.
  6. bcpdesigns

    bcpdesigns Newbie

    Bought one yesterday, got the Charbroiled 1280 from walmart. I figure if I keep it covered and take care of it I can make it last a while. Should have some TBS wednesday I'll post pics of. Stock photo, mine is a touch different. Going to replace the junky temp gauge, gasket the doors and add latches to seal it up good

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  7. smokejumper

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    Sounds like you know what you are doing.
    Keep us posted.
  8. Congrats on the smoker

  9. bcpdesigns

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    Thank you sirs. Fired it up today. Did a little smoke on the following chicken. Spent about 1.5 hrs I. The TBS. Did some JD chips on top of some lump charcoal. The BBQ thighs have JD bbq as compliment to the smoke.

    Changed out the shit "cold, right, hot" no real temps gauge for a 3" nice 150-600 gauge.

    Have latches on the way in mail, have gasket in the mail.

    More pics to come. And this could be moved to offset builds if anyone cares to.

    Thanks and happy smoking
  10. smokejumper

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    That is some mighty good looking chicken.

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