Top Round (London Broil) Leftover Ideas?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by flyboys, Oct 1, 2013.

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    First off, allow me to apologize for not having pics of this smoke, yesterday was a crazy day between after school activities and sports, so I didn't have time for the camera.  But, in between the drama, I did find time to smoke up a top round and two rib eye steaks.  I gave them a bath in evoo and rubbed them down with a lone star rub.   It was a last minute idea, so there was no marinade.  I then smoked them around 225° over hickory on my Weber Kettle.  I brought the top round to 120° then seared it on a hot grill.  It had a nice flavor but was a little tough.  I've done them this way before, and it seems to be hit or miss with tenderness.  My question is does anyone have any good ideas on meals for the leftover pieces.  The entire roast was thinly sliced against the grain and is currently waiting patiently in the fridge for its next venture.  Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Make French Dip sandwiches or saute some peppers and onions, add the meat and have Phillys. Would make tasty omelets too.
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    Well SmokinHusker, as fate would have it, I have these essentials left over from some ribeyes over the weekend.  Thank you for the idea, I think we will try smoked top round cheesesteaks tonight.
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    Ditto on the cheesesteaks, that's what I do when we are steaked out or the meat is too tough, chop steak and quick fry in a hot skillet, mushrooms, onions a tablespoon of aujus MMMM
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    Thank you guys, that is exactly what I ended up doing and they were fantastic.  I put them on a hot griddle with Canola oil just to heat them up, then onto an Amoroso with some Cheese Wiz.  Weird, they seemed more tender than the first time around.
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    A bit late, but next time instead of slicing the remaining roast, cube it into 1/2" chunks. Then use it in stew, chili, or our all time fav shepards pie. You can also cut it into strips and use it for stir fry or fajitas.

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