top 10 things I learned on my first fridge build

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    10.    [endif]When you post images of your work on social media some friends will invite themselves over for BBQ.

    9.      The seal around the door is temporary and should be replace with the rope seal.

    8.      [endif]Always start a couple hours earlier than I think I need to.

    7.      [endif]A hot plate works but it too is temporary and will die without a drip pan.

    6.      [endif]When wiring a pid temperature controller first watch this video:                                       v=0EE9QyLOjMs&index=3&list=LL3wDTwel2cMFCFDx0VTmDow   

    5.       [endif]Place the chimney on the back or side wall, not top so as to avoid soot dripping down onto your meat.

    4.        It would have been cheaper to buy a mediocre smoker but the sense of accomplishment that I get every time I use it would be significantly less.

    3.        [endif]Not everything tastes better smoked, but almost.

    2.        Only my daughter likes her food smoked as much as I do.

    1.       I LOVE smoked meats!
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    Nice build!

    Looking forward to seeing it in action!

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    Looks nice!

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