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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by maineac, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Due to a recent MES 30 purchase I now have 2 electric smokers but only one kitchen vent in the garage so what to do? Wanting everything on wheels I made a new smoker cart for the Bradley out of an old Weber frame and a piece of plywood and used a toolbox for the smoke chamber. I used the toolbox because I use 2 A-Maze-N tubes with pellets for salmon and I wanted the tool tray so I could drop the tubes into the toolbox after starting them outdoors. I was worried about two things. How would the exhaust draft be and how much would this setup affect the smoker temperature? I have discovered that one A-Maze-N tube inside the MES 30 runs it at about 144* with an ambient of 70* with the chip tube out and the heating element off.

    The draft was fine; you can see here and here. The temperature concern was a non-issue. With an ambient of 75* the smoker ran at 85* with one tube in the toolbox (out of the sun).

    I hope this info can help someone. Thanks for looking.

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    Looks fantastic!

    Nice job Dean!

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    Very nice! I think that's the first time I've heard someone say "I only have one kitchen vent in the garage" :)

    Cool idea with using the Weber cart, that's really nice. Mobile, and a great spot for the toolbox, even mounted below the smoker, for better draft.

    I'm hoping to finish my toolbox mod in the next few days, though it will be much simpler, and not as nice as your setup.
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    Thanks guys. It took way longer to complete than it should have because that's what happens when you get old, with me at least.
    RedOctobyr, I bought that kitchen vent when I knew I was going to have a garage but before it was even started. I wanted to smoke salmon out of the elements during Maine winters and it has worked out great. And good luck with your toolbox mod!

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