Too much smoke in smoked hamburgers Please help

Discussion in 'Beef' started by camberlink, Apr 26, 2014.

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    Ok so I am using my Masterbulit XL propane smoker and I used 4 chunks of wood approx 3x3 chunks , 2 pecan and 2 hickory. I smoked the burgers until done approx 1.5 hours and some were very delicious and others were just a little on the smokey side(still edible). All the burgers were on the top 2 racks. What can I do to lessen/ control the amount of smoke?


  2. Maybe it was too many wood chunks? I would try half that amount, you don't need a lot of wood to get a great smoke flavor. When I first started with my propane smoker I would load the wood tray up and it was too overpowering almost bitter and the advice I got was use less wood. Simple advice but it did the trick.
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    Since hamburger is cheap I will try that. I was thinking about placing foil underneath the burgers so that it would have to go around the grates instead of through them.
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    Less wood. Plus you used a strong smoke wood. Try apple or cherry. Something lighter.
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