Too many bricks.....not enough time.....

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by falmund, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. I think I may have lost my mind!  My back patio is paved with bricks....several hundred of them of various types.  I have grown very tired of the fruitless battle against weeds and have decided to pull up the bricks and just put grass in it's place.  Now, my sick twisted mind has been trying to come up with an idea for how to dispose of all those bricks.  Well, I think I may just build myself a pit, complete with outdoor kitchen.  The area of the patio is probably about 350 square feet, so I think I will have plenty of bricks.  I have a small dorm refigerator I can install, I imagine I can find a small granite counter top and a sink at a constuctions surplus or reclamation store.  The trouble is coming up with a design for a brick barbecue pit.  I've played with the idea of just making a brick enclosure for my S'n'P (Goodbye temp control problems!), but I am intrigued with the idea of a full brick "oven."  The only idea I have come up with is to build a copy of my SNP out of bricks...has anyone seen pictures of such a critter they can point to?
  2. duck killer 1

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    no i sure havent but i am very interested in what you want t do, it sounds great! I'll be watching and if i see anything i will post it
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  4. smokey paul

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    Great Links, Pineywoods, good looks at built-in BBQ/Smokers..

    Some time ago the HGTV channel had some how-to-do brick BBQ/smokers also. Don't remember the program but a search of HGTV would bring up the programs.

    Good luck I would like to do it tooooo but not here..
  5. biaviian

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    Or you could skip the bricks and just use a stump!


  6. dick foster

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    Regardless of the title, that first one looks like it is just a grill.

    The second looks like it might be a smoker with out the door on it.

    A smoker usually has a chamber to cook in that is typically seperate which is positioned between a fire box and the flue so the smoke and heat passes though. Or else some method to get the food way up away from the direct heat of the fire.  lf you expose the meat to the direct heat of the fire it will be too hot to do any smoking. While you can certinally cook it you can't smoke it.
  7. dick foster

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    What an interesting way to dispose of a stump.

    I guess it sure beats the heck out of trying to dig, pull, yank, dyanimte or even stump grind the thing.
  8. fftwarren

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    all these pics are in the meat smoking and smokehouse design book. I love that brick one its awesome

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