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  1. My first time smoking chicken in my 18 1/2 inch WSM got off to a HOT start. I tried the minion method and wound up with a temp of 450+ degrees in very short time. I did not use water because I wanted the skin to be crispy not wet.I vented the cover using waded up aluminum foil and got the temp dow to 325 degrees. The birds turned out pretty good but it was more work than fun.

    jtstitzel suggests I use water to control the temp. I will definitely take his advise.
  2. mdboatbum

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    They run hot when they're new. Try using fewer lit coals and choking down your bottom vents. There's a slight learning curve with any new smoker, but you'll get it. The chickens look really good to me!
  3. fwismoker

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      I woulda kept it at 450* the whole cook....spatchcocked though. 
  4. Fewer lit coals...Great advice. Thanks
  5. I've never cooked spatchcocked but I am willing to try. How long should I keep it on? Thanks
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    Always go by temp, 160-165 in the breast and let it rest covered in foil so it finishes 165. 

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    Agreed!! I cook them like that on my weber kettle. Fill a whole chimney and use the side baskets. Gets up to almost 450. Crispy skin, juicy as hell, nice subtle smoke flavor if you throw some chunks on the coals. Spatchcocking with higher temps is the way to go!
  8. WOW, that looks great. Definitely going to  try it. Thanks

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