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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wazzuqer, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. wazzuqer

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    Have a batch of pepper stick smoking with two Mavericks et-732 and a et-733 with each probe in a different spot. Million dollar question is it seems odd that both the 1 & 2 probes on each keep matching temperatures, does this seem right, I hope but my Master built 30 isn't that perfect...thanks for the help...
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    Are you looking at the actual unit where the probe is plugged into and not the handheld? I had the same thing happen with the 72 and 733 earlier this year. The 732 would syn to the 733 handheld or vice versa. I synced on when I was next to my smoker and I took the other one to the other side of the house and synced it. When I did this they both worked independently and I got two seperate temps 
  4. wazzuqer

    wazzuqer Smoke Blower

    You nailed thanks, it is a different reading at my smoker, than at my receiver by my easy chair, thanks for the help...

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