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  1. I'm a bit confused about now. The last time (before last winter) I did 2 boneless butts (15# total) it took 12 hours to smoke. They both had a long stall. Not only that, the temps were all over the place, like 200 - 300F.

    This morning I smoked 2 7# butts (bone in) on my WSM with a total cooking time just under 6 hours. I put the butts on at 5AM and both were off by 11AM. I did notice that there was no stall. I never experienced a "no stall" before so...color me "confused".

    This morning was still cool (40s), but thick with fog due to the rising temps and the melting snow. Dome temps ranged from 220 - 275F. Butt temps were 203F and 202F in the middle, 209F on one end. The dome gage was at 240 when I took them off.

    The only thing I know I changed was pre-heating the smoker to 250F before putting the meat on. Do you think that made the difference? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Well, I would venture that a preheated WSM sped up the total cook time by some degree, although by half would be questionable. Was the pork right out of the fridge both times? or was the second batch more ambient temps? Starting out with 15 pounds of ice cold meat in a cold smoker would be a lot of warm up time for everything to start cooking IMO. Then again, every piece of meat is different...more cooks needed for a 2 cents
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    Were you using the stock thermometer on the WSM? I've found that those temps tend to be ~30-40 degrees lower than the readings from my Maverick at the grates. If that's the case then you could've been smoking at temps between 260 - 315 which could explain the quick cook. I'm no expert as I've only cooked 5 or 6 butts myself but I've heard that cooking hot and fast will cause it to cruise right through the stall. That would be consistent with the higher temp theory.

    Although, I'm assuming you used the same thermometer that you used the last time so that may not be the issue. I'm a bit confused as well and will keep an eye on this one as I'm curious what the experts have to say.
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    The butts were 7lbs each? If so, then that is extremely fast for cooking temps in the mid 200s. Every cut of meat is different and will cook at different times but I have never had a butt cook in less than 1 hour per pound.

    Have you verified your thermo's with boiling water and ice water? Are you using the stock analog thermo in the dome? (analog thermos usually have an adjustment screw in the back so they can be calibrated and could easily get out of whack).

    I did two 7lb butts this weekend at 240 and they both took 12+ hours (I even wrapped one in foil to track the difference).
  5. Thanks for the replies...and I apologize for the VERY late reply/close out.

    Meat was out of the fridge for at least 30 mins.

    Gages are close enough to not screw with it.  Basically, I just don't put too much interest in it and use the Maverick.

    Latest investment is a GigiQ DX2.

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