Too cold to smoke cheese?

Discussion in 'Cheese' started by unclerudy, Dec 24, 2013.

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    Hi all. I just got the MES cold smoke adapter for my MES. I wanted to try out smoking cheese, so I got 8 pounds, 2 pounds of 4 different cheeses. I cut it up into smaller blocks, placed it into my MES, loaded the cold smoker with applewood chips, and turned on the adapter. Got smoke after a few minutes, and let it sit for three hours doing its thing. I saw smoke coming out of the MES vent, and assumed things were going well.

    Things did not go well at all. I tasted the cheese when I pulled it out, and almost no smoke flavor whatsoever. Just a little bit of creosote flavor. The cheese never changed color, and no visible change. What did I do wrong?

    I did not turn on the MES itself, and it is roughly 20 degrees here in Michigan. Did I do it wrong? And don't tell me to get the AMNS.

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    The MES may have been too cold... cheese could have been frozen if the MES was at 20.... I turn the MES on and off to keep the temp at 50-70 and the cheese I bring to room temp before putting in the smoker..... Be sure to have the vents wide open for good air flow... that's what I do... Try a little more smoke if you want then store in the refer for a day or so and vac pack and rest for at least 2 weeks... I just ate some cheese that was smoked 14 months ago..... Holey [email protected] was it good.....

  3. had that happen last year all I did was heat up my tea kettle and set it inside for a few minutes and poof all worked like normal

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