Tonight's menu- too much bacon? w/ Q View

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  1. Tonight's menu...

    Pepper stuffed bacon wrapped Margarita shrimp on the bbq

    Cherry smoked applewood/bacon marinated pork tenderloin

    Cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeno and Anaheim peppers

    Smoked salmon cream cheese  stuffed     "        "         "             "    - also bacon wrapped

    Sticky rice

    Tossed salad

    Pics to follow as things unfold   [​IMG]  
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     Shame on you ,[​IMG]  I wanted to see  all this , gimme some Q-view.

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    Waiting patiently 


  5. OK, sorry it took so long. Timed to eat when it all got done then I passed out from the gorging. here's the pics...

    Marinated the shrimp in Margarita mix 3 hours

    Cream cheese and salmon spread in some peppers I grew        Precooked bacon a bit & sauteed pepper shreds

    Pork loin - 2 hours in at 200* chamber temp

    Shrimpies all stuffed and wrapped                                                 After the BBQing

    Baked the poppers 20 min at 350*

    Pulled the loin out at 150* IT -about 3 hrs                                     

    Dinner at 8, don't be late !

    Slight menu change. Expected company that couldn't make it so opted for garlic shell pasta instead of rice.  Overall a great meal. Would have preferred the loin a little less done but didn't want to scare the guests

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