Tonight's Meal - Pork With Honey/Apple Sauce, Salt, Veggies & a Cow Patty

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smoking b, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. I haven't been able to smoke for a day or two so I just had to smoke today. I decided to use a pork roast I had that was just hanging around.

    Here is the roast I started with.

    Gave it some rub. I am trying out the Memphis Magic Dust recipe that SeenRed told me about - thanks man!  [​IMG]

    Coarse sea salt ready to go in the smoker.

    Salt & pork went in the smoker at 250 degrees      AMNPS running maple pellets

    Now I need a cow patty & figure out what else to make.

    Updates to follow...
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  2. c farmer

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    [​IMG]   [​IMG]

    Love your threads man.
  3. Thanks man!  [​IMG]    [​IMG]  
  4. Ok the pork is out of the smoker & resting. Once it came out I raised the temp to 280 & left the salt in to finish out the rest of the pellets in the AMNPS.

    Just out & ready to wrap - looking at the top you can just tell this is gonna be juicy & tender  [​IMG]

    I started some cauliflower steaming.

    & sliced up some mushrooms to sauté.

    Hold your noses - I got a cow patty!!  [​IMG]

    I started making a honey/apple sauce while the pork rested & I sautéed the mushrooms.

    Updates to follow...
  5. woodcutter

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    Looking good! Your cow patty looks like it could use a little cow cream.
  6. Time to sit down & chew!  [​IMG]

    Just unwrapped & ready to tear into it.

    Nice bit of juice in the foil - I added it to the sauce & mixed it in good.

    Honey/apple sauce is done.

    First cut

    of the roast.

    Very juicy!

    I cut up most of the roast.

    Here are a few pics of that to check out...

    I made up a sammich.

    Gave it some of the honey/apple sauce.

    Closer view...

    Plated with the steamed cauliflower.

    Sautéed mushrooms done.

    Emergency back-up sammich

    Part 2.

    & complete...

    & for a strange tasty dessert - some of the cow patty!  Yumm!   [​IMG]

    I will be back for the salt & to wrap things up...
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  7. Looks Awesome!! [​IMG]  I'm not sure what the cow patty thing is, but I would totally eat it!!
  8. Thanks Todd  [​IMG]    I've done that plenty of times but I don't have any right now. Growing up though my grandma wouldn't hear of adding something to her cow patty!!  [​IMG]    [​IMG]    [​IMG]    [​IMG]  She called it "country fudge"
  9. woodcutter

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    Is it fudge? I thought it was pudding.
  10. Thanks man  [​IMG]  
  11. A cow patty or country fudge as my grandma always called it is kind of a cross between fudge & pudding & is actually really good. If anyone is interested I can go over how to make it...
  12. seenred

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    Lookin' good! So what'd you think of that rub?
  13. Yes Please!! 
  14. c farmer

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  15. Thanks Red  [​IMG]    I like the rub a lot & I will definitely be using it again!  I want to try it on some loin soon.  Thanks again for the recipe  [​IMG]
  16. seenred

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                 [​IMG]     [​IMG]    [​IMG]
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    "I haven't been able to smoke for a day or two so I just had to smoke today." Quote by Smoking B !!

    Hey SB, man I know that feeling and I go crazy too til the weekends, then they are gone before I know it !! Then I'm thinkin what the hey ?? Haven't got the smokin bug outta me yet.... Truth be known it'll never be outta me.... LOL !!

    Great lookin smoke and the "cow patties". Haha !! Very nice.... Also seen in your post to Red his rub recipe & I gotta say, I gotta try that as well..... Hope ya post the "patty" recipe as would like to try it.... Again, nice job... Thumbs Up

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  18. Ok back to finish up...

    The pork roast turned out great - I was pleased with it. Very tender, juicy & flavorful. The rub I tried that Red recommended had a very good taste & the maple smoke melded nicely with everything. The honey/apple sauce was a good choice too. I don't always make a sauce for a pork sammy but I was in the mood for it today & I'm glad I went with the honey/apple - it was a nice complement to the already awesome flavor medley  [​IMG]  

    I'm not gonna get into the cauliflower or sautéed mushrooms - there was nothing special about them but they were good sides.

    Now for the cow patty. It made a perfect dessert for this meal & if you get a chance to make one I definitely say go for it  [​IMG]

    So that leaves us with just the salt...

    Here it is when I brought it in. It is starting to change color.

    In the jar - you can see the color change a lot better in this pic. This batch of salt will go in for 2 or 3 more smokes when I'm using maple till it gets to where I am happy with it.

    Here is what it will look like when it gets done.

    Here is a side by side for contrast so you can easily see the difference.

    & that wraps up this particular meal   [​IMG]
  19. Thanks Justin  [​IMG]  

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