Tonights dinner.... Sorry for the mess, learning how to load pics here.. We had Tri Tip with a spicy

Discussion in 'Beef' started by terry colwell, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. terry colwell

    terry colwell Smoking Fanatic

  2. adiochiro3

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    Looks good!  Tell us about how you did it.....
  3. terry colwell

    terry colwell Smoking Fanatic

    I had that all type upped, guess it didnt load, so here we go again.. Split the chicken, half was L/P the other was Apple Wood rub. The Tri Tip was a spicy home made rup, Had a veggie pack with Green and Red Peppers , Garlic  with Olive oil and seasonings.. Did some Italian sausages also,, that pic didnt make it.. Cook them around 250 to 300, did that on purpose for the chicken that was closest to the fire box... Was Great, Wife said it was the best Chicken I have ever done
  4. smokinal

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    It all looks good! Love that tri tip!  [​IMG]
  5. raptor700

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    The chicken looks good but I love the T-Tip [​IMG]

    Great job

  6. bearcarver

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    That ALL looks good from my house !!!!

    Thanks for showing,

  7. meateater

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    I concur on the tri tip. [​IMG]
  8. africanmeat

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    IT is a good smoke good looking tri pit
  9. sunman76

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    looks tasty to me...[​IMG]
  10. sqwib

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    Well played my friend!
  11. thunderdome

    thunderdome Master of the Pit

    Love me some TriTip

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