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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bigjrfan77, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Charcoal is in the chimney, apple chunks patiently waiting. No injection this time, just a simple rub.
  2. Let us know how it turns out.

  3. Will do. Went on the smoker at about 11:30 (central time)
  4. smokinal

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    Looks like a good start!

  5. Thanks, Al. As a teenager I worked in a little barbecue joint called "The Best Little Smokehouse in Texas". It's where I tried pork tenderloin for the first time, and where I first began to learn the art of smoking meat. One of the co-owners was the smoke master. He never injected, never brined, just rubbed. I remember thinking the first time I tried his tenderloin that it was the best meat I'd ever eaten. I hope this loin is somewhere close to his!


  6. After a scant 3 hours she's a steady 146° in the middle of her thickest part. Now she gets a nice nap in the cooler.
  7. Looking good. Can't wait for the sliced pics and results.

    I usually pull my loins at 142 and let the carryover bring it up to 145.


  8. The rub gave it a superb flavor. The slices off the larger end aren't quite as tender, but overall I'm pleased.
  9. I agree with Gary, pull it a little earlier and let the carry-over bring it up to temp. Looks real good.

  10. Seems everything turned out good. Nice job.

    When cooking loin or tenderloin, it seems that the higher the finished IT, the less tender the meat is. Its a fine line.


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