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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokin' joe, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Started this morning with a 3lb Corned beef brisket, a 4lb Pork butt, and a home cured (injected and wet brined for 10 days) Ham. The ham and the pastrami are both firsts for me.

    I plan on taking the Pastrami to 165 degrees, the Ham to 155 degrees, and the butt to 195-200 degrees then into the cooler for pulling later tonight.

    I am using a combo of cherry and maple with my usual lump charcoal. Below is some q-view. (brisket is far left, then the butt, then the ham, in the first picture right before they went on the smoke) The pit has been running between 225 and 235, I had to cover it with a heavy wool blanket to help hold some heat. The air temp here today is 44 degrees and the wind is gusting between 10 and 15 mph.

    2 hours into the smoke the Ham was at 127 degrees internal and the Pastrami was at 131 degrees internal. I tossed on some leftover pizza at this point for a snack. No temp on the butt yet...I know it is no where close to being done and I only have 2 thermometers, so I figured I would use them on the cuts i know will be done first. Enjoy the q-view...more to come as the smoke progresses.
  2. smoked pizza i will have to try that everything looks great so far good luck
  3. desertlites

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    damn Joe you wer'nt lieing last nite what a great smoke-you go guy.getting hot around here can I come be a snowbird-or is that the oppisite of what we have here?
  4. 4 Hours into the smoke. Pit temp holding at 228 degrees. Sun came out for a bit but the wind is getting stronger. The thin blue is in full effect.

    The ham is at 146 internal, the pastrami is at 147 internal, and the butt is also at 147 internal. The butt has been getting a nice spritz with apple cider every hour. Looks like it might be plateau time.[​IMG]
  5. The meat looks very good! I reallly like the look of green grass...Man, I can't wait for Spring!!
  6. bertjo44

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    Looks good, wish I was smoking but unfortunately I am at WORK. I noticed the pizza was gone in the 2nd set of pics, uhm, hm.[​IMG]
  7. desertlites

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    knowin him it's astro turf-brushed the snow off.
  8. LOL.

    I pulled the ham at 155 total smoke time was 4hrs 45min. I was so excited while slicing I forgot to take pics. Looks and tastes great. Sliced it into individual portions and vac sealed and into the freezer they went. Pastrami came off at 163 and is still foiled...I will get pics when slicing.

    The butt is holding steady at 176 internal and looking damn good. I was hoing it would be done in time for dinner but it doesnt look like it. Just an update. [​IMG]

    The thin blue continues...more later.
  9. Ok I took the pastrami out of the cooler and its ready to slice. The butt is up to 182 internal and the pit temp is holding at 230...winds died down a bit as well which is helping.

    Here is some more q-view.
  10. Smokin' Joe...that is some good lookin' meat!! GO BLUE HENS!!!!
  11. dingle

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    Awesome looking grub Joe. Great bark on the butt!!
  12. travcoman45

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    Mighty tastey vittles you cooked up there!
  13. The butt finally hit 200 internal at 7:30. Foiled and put it in the cooler for an hour. Pulled at 8:30 with SFQers finishing sauce. Here is the final q-view for the day.

    Thanks everyone for looking, This has been the best day off I have had in a long time. [​IMG]
  14. minn.bill

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    joe great lookin grub![​IMG]
  15. gobbledot

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    Smokin, did you use any special seasonings on the pastrami? It looks great as does all of it.... uuuuummm uuummm good...
  16. capt dan

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    nice thread ! you the man!
  17. that pulled pork looks absolutly fantastic. [​IMG]

    i can imagine how nice it would taste on some good bread or rolls with the finishing sauce to dip, but what else might make good eats outta pulled pork pls guys?

  18. kookie

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    Looks great.................Love the left over pizza idea..............Looks tasty.............Good job............
  19. Pastrami rubens for dinner tonight. Best I have ever tasted, topped with imported swiss and kraut. Darn tasty.

    I think I will be adding pastrami to the menu on every smoke...[​IMG]
  20. bertjo44

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    Looks great. I love a good Reuben.

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