Todays project Ukranian sausage

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  1. So after Thursday and Fridays success, I did some beef/pork Ukranian sausage (70/30) Decided to do a 2 1/2" sausage, these buggers are closer to 3" Stuffed into collagen casings last night, in the fridge, over night, warmed up and dried this morning, now in the smoker. MAN the smells!! Smoke from AMNPS and AMNTS Recipe called for heavy smoke... This is nice, not heavy, but ample. Pellets are pitmasters choice.

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  2. Bubba that is some fine looking sausage. Tell us all about it.

    Happy smoken.

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    Ya, the recipe would be great also!!! Love your smoker!!  I'm used to Ukrainian in fresh or smoked form and in hog casings.  This looks moe like a summer sausage type of version.   Reinhard
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  4. From the text "A traditional heavily smoked sausage that is cooked in water from Poland's neighbor to the east"

    Beef   700g

    pork (jowls, hard fat trimmings, bacon) 300 g

    Ingredients per 1000g of meat:

    salt   18g

    cure#1   2.5g

    pepper   2.0g

    paprika  2.0g

    allspice  2.0g

    garlic     3.5g

    marjoram   2.0g

    water     150ml

    Grind/stuff hang to dry. Hot smoke 90-110 minutes.

    Cook in water at 160-167 till internal temp 155-158

    Shower with water


    Origionally, after showered with water, sausage hung for 12 hours.

    cold smoke for 24 hours to dry some, then warm smoked for 12 hours  then sausages were dried till 80% weight yield was obtained. If mold developed, it was wiped off.

    This dry sausage could be kept a long time at room temp.

    From Marianski's book

    I'm gonna fully cook in the smoker. Should be done here in an hour. Then cool. It will have had 10 hours of smoke, not sure if I will smoke it more.

  5. Nice that stuff looks great

  6. Turned out awesome, fantastic flavor and texture! OK, now I'm happy!

    Sorry for the poor florescent lighting...

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    BB, Nice work , they look awesome !
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    Really impressive looking sausage[​IMG]
  9. Great looking sausage, How was the flavor

  10. Taste is along the lines of a Kielbasa for sure, a little more pronounced flavor from the garlic compared to what I've tried before, and the marjoram flavor is there too. Just had some on crackers with cheese, brother, I'm ruined! knocks the socks off garlic and ham coils from the grocer! I hope someone else gives this a go. Its worth it!
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  11. Nice I can't wait to get started on sausage making

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    Nice sausages.........[​IMG]

  13. Good looking sausage!  Thanks for the recipe.  Looks similar to garlic kielbasa recipes I have used in the past, and I like the fat diameter casings you used. Then you can make sandwich slices!
  14. Great lookin sausage. And I LOVE your butcher board!
  15. Thanks! Sausage turned out really good.

    Glad you like the butcher board, made that one a couple years ago. Black walnut and black cherry

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