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Discussion in 'Pork' started by thadoc, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. thadoc

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    Well it's now 6:30AM and I am smokin away. My neighbor is having a holiday party today "The Ugliest Christmas Sweater Party"! He asked me If I could smoke a 8lb pork butt for the party so, here we are. Got it all rubbed up last night and up at 4:30AM this morning to start the smoker so it will be ready for the party @ 6:00PM tonight. I figured since I was gonna be smokin and had time on my hands I would try some ABT's too. Never had them or smoked them before so I wanted to try em' out and see what everyone else has to say about them at the party. I will be doing 40 of them, boat style!
    I figured I would start off this morning with some pics of the process so here we go...!

    The butt and the fixins for the rub!

    The butt all rubbed up and ready for the night in the fridge!

    The butt in the smoker at 5:10AM and ready for some Hickory and Apple smoke!

    The ABT's are not going to go on until two hours before the party. I will be updating the thread as the day goes on as well as some ABT pics! Stay tuned...[​IMG]


    So, I was so busy last night with the party and the ABT's I couldn't help but to start drinkin and enjoy some good food so I am posting the final pics of the smoke today!

    After 7 hours in the smoker and internal temp is 120 degrees

    After 12 hours in the smoker and interal temp reached 165 degrees... Ready for the foil!

    The final product after 15 hours total, 12 hours of cookin and 3 hours of restin! You can just see the heat still pouring off of the butt. The bone came out with ease and no effort at all, the butt just fell apart and now ready to eat!

    On to the ABT's and all the fixins minus the Chorizo that I had already fried up earlier to mix with the cream cheese!

    Well, I was running a little behind and kind of in a hurry and forgot to snap a few pics of the ABT's before and after the smoke. I will tell you that they were a hit though! As soon as I brought them over the the party they were gone in less that 30 min. I made 45 ABT's boat style! For the pulled pork I also made a finnishing sauce, it went extremely well with the pulled pork sammies! In all it was well worth it getting up at 4:30AM to start the smokin adventure! Didn't get done smokin until almost 8:00PM! By midnight all of the pork was gone and people were still wanting more! I will say that I will be doing this again but, next time double the pork and double the ABT's! Thanks for lookin' and thank you all for all the tips, it made my smokin day a success![​IMG]
  2. bassman

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    Looking good! Don't forget the finished pics.
  3. wmarkw

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    nice! you will love those abts. you should put a few on now for yourself for a little taster for breakfast.
  4. mballi3011

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    Everything looks good so far but I see alot of spices and seasonings but what is in the rub??? Then I see one other thing I would like to question did you take Alton Browns smoker?? The one with a camera in it??[​IMG]
  5. thadoc

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    Thanks, the rub consists of paprika, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and a little bit of each of the spices I have showing for the salt! No camera in the smoker, just a close up pic when I opened it to spray it down! I thought about turning my wireless IP camera into a smoker camera though...LoL
  6. rivet

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    Great lookin butt you have there and looking forward to your ABT's. Thats a lot but then they never seems to be any leftovers, so you're good to go. Nice combo of spices for your rub, I bet it tastes good.... and great choice on the Plochman's mustard, some of the the best yellow mustard around!

  7. beer-b-q

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    Looks Great...

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