Today's cold smoke, snacks for vacation

Discussion in 'Other' started by wholeqcrazy, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Okay a little crazy smoke day because I am going on vacation and want to take the snacks with me.

    Cold smoke:
    Cheetos (10 min 350 oven after smoke to crisp a bit is my plan)
    Cookie dough
    Chex mix

    Hot smoke:
    Mac and cheese
    Nuts (cashews were on huge sale, trying to decide what recipe some have indicated they do not smoke well)

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  2. smokinal

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    Looks like your gonna have plenty to snack on!

  3. First results are in. 1/4 hick, 3/4 Apple pellets in AMPTS. My wife likes the hickory. 1hr smoke on the dough no noticeable flavor after oven cooking. 10-15 minutes cold smoke after cooking in the oven gave a good depth of flavor. They take the smoke quickly and could easily become over smoked. They do also mellow quickly with open air rest. So personal preference is a big factor. The Cheetos were good at 30 minutes. They were slightly tacky but that did not stop the kids and wife from eating them. So no after oven cooking was done. It is very humid here though (raining) so it could contribute to the slight tacky texture, still has a good crunch. The butter was good at 40 min. With all my ice in the tray and the frozen 2 liter it did not get over 60 degrees in the smoker. Now I have taken out the ice went with maple pellets and put in the Chex mix. And Al your stuffed lobster looked delicious.

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  4. driedstick

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    Looking good how did the cookie dough turn out?? 

  5. disco

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    Fine looking snacks!


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