today's brisket is tough and dry...but why?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by memgrove, Sep 4, 2016.

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    Running a gas masterbuilt xl smoker (I have used this many times before) I have an extra large water pan and cast iron wood chunk pan.

    I trimmed a lot of fat off ( meat had more than usual) but left 1/4 inch in most places. Put on dry rub only. Put it in the smoker about 7:00 last night. Run all night 220-250 with just the right thin blue hickory smoke.

    This morning meat temp is 157 the rub is super dry and looks more like is is just dried on the meat instead os looking like bark. Pushing the thermometer in now indicates an extremely tough piece of meat. That looks more like beef jerkey.

    I was thinking that this would smoke till about noon, wrap in cooler, eat about 2 or 3 but I don't remember ever looking this bad in the morning.

    Do you all think this will turn around or do I run after a pork but and crank out some pork?
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  2. Looks OK to me. Let her darken a tad more then I'd wrap her for the home stretch. Take it to IT of 190+ and start doing the poke/toothpick test. I take mine above 200* usually and that gets me tender but sliceable.
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    Looks OK to me here too.

    tbrtt1 gave you good advice.

  4. memgrove

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    It's starting to come around... I might not be use to starting so late in the day. Just feels a couple hours behind normal now. Thanks for the reassurance guys.
  5. memgrove,

    How did the brisket turn out? 

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