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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rburns, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. I have a wood fired Old Country offset smoker and have only been smoking ribs with the 321 method. The general complaint I get is that the ribs tend to have a bit of acidity after taste. Is this just to much smoke if so is there a way to limit that when you only burn wood? I have been burning a mix of maple and oak.

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  2. It is probably bad smoke. If it is white it will taste like crap. It does't take long in bad smoke to ruin the taste. You want TBS.

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  3. Ok, I am fairly new at this but know what TBS is. Is there a reason why I get white smoke and what is the best way to achieve consistent blue smoke? I have noticed the white smoke. 
  4. Thin Blue Smoke
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    White smoke could be from wood not completely dry, or the fire is too big and you're having to choke it down with the vents to keep the temp in range. Open stack vent all the way, and only make your fire large enough to reach your target temp.

    To check the dryness of your wood, burn a large split and observe the ends, moisture will escape there if it's not fully cured and you can see it. It will look like a wet spot forming where the saw cut the wood. Another giveaway is a popping noise when the wood is burning.
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    You need to make a small hot fire, the wood must be burning not smoldering or you will over smoke the food causing the bitter taste.

  7. Fallow the above advice and you will be good to go.

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  8. Let us know how you next smoke turns out


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