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Discussion in 'Pork' started by dobar, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. So it's Easter again so I decided to smoke another pork butt this is what I started with.
    And I cleaned it up and I rubbed it down with some mustard and some of Jeff's rub on Friday so that I could get it ready to go on the smoker at 10:30 Saturday morning I'm using hickory pellets for most of the smoke in my treager and I'm going to start it at 225° for the first 7hrs then kick it up to 250°.
    Here it is first going on
    Everything was going smoothly had no hiccups this time kept checking it every 45 mins thru the vents in the back. I flipped it half way thru to allow the fat cap to keep everything nice and moist. The temp stayed nice and steady and ran into the stall at about 160 it took 2hrs to get thru that but every thing went good. I pulled them at 200 and wrapped them in foil and towels and into a cooler they went for there rest.
    After there rest I pulled them out and started to pull it had a great smoke ring and was really juicy
    can't wait for lunch tomorrow but not sure how much will be left after the family get a hold of it but hoping to at least make some chilli out of it again. Happy smoking
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    Those are some nice looking butts!  [​IMG]   Happy Easter!

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    Points for a great job on Easter pulled pork! Good luck on saving some for chili!
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    That PP looks amazing!


  5. Thanks everyone the wife tried some last night and said why do we have to share. Lol

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