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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mab007, Dec 10, 2014.

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    I am looking to purchase my first smoker.  I have kind of decided on MES30.  It is the right size for my needs, at lease for now.  I am sold on digital.  Would love to hear others on their thoughts of Gen1 - no window, no remote, vs. Window and remote.  What are the advantages for the window?  I see that clean up can be considered a pain.  How about the RF remote?  Any real benefit?  Do you really adjust the temp over the smoking time?   I plan on smoking in winter, but, can all of this be set and forget, or do you have to tend?  I have an RF thermometer, but what are the advantages of having full control from the couch?

    I did buy the Masterbuilt Cold Smoke Attachment already.  It is waiting to be connected to a smoker.

    These are the choices as I see them...

    Gen1 Digital MES30 = $169  (Everyone says is rock solid)

    Gen2 Digital MES30 with window $249 (Some folks have had problems)

    $80 - decent RF thermometer...hmmm? 

    anybody hook up the RF feature from the Gen2 to the Gen1?  (as I see it, Gen 1 is solid metal door, Gen2 is window)  Did I get that right?

    Comments, Thanks!
  2. c farmer

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    Love my first gen 30 in. Keep it simple and it will work great.
  3. You are close on the designations. Controller in the back hinged on the right Gen 1. Hinged left controller in the front Gen 2.

    Once you learn the smoker you won't have to wait to half time to know what is happening inside.  Really on a long smoke it is nice to get a nights sleep and then work on it instead of having to tend it all night.  Jted
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    I own the MES 30 Gen 1. I've seen the design changes with the Gen 2 models but I prefer mine. I also use a pellet smoker which was designed for the Gen 1. You might want to shop around more; Cabela's is selling the MES Sportsman Elite (a customized version of the Gen 1) for about $140 or less. I'd jump on that deal if I were you if it's still available. 

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