TO FOIL OR NOT TO FOIL,that is the question

Discussion in 'Beef' started by hhersh, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. I have made 2 briskets with my new Brinkmann Gourmet electric, both were beautiful to behold and tasty. HOWEVER they were both tough as a boot on the flat end and pretty chewy on the big end. Both were smoked @ 225 F for 10 170 F. I did not put foil on them either time, but smoked them open on the inside grill. They were marinated for 24 hrs. using Bro. Jeffs marinade. I am going to inject the next one before I smoke. QUESTION : Should I smoke them in a foil roasting pan and foil them after 3-4 hrs. for more tenderness? [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. smokin_all_night

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    I believe you didn't cook it long enough. The inernal temperature of the meat could reach 200F before it's tender. It's done long before it's tender.

    I remove the brisket from the smoker at 185 and then foil it with some onion slices and place it in a Ice Chest (cooler) covered by towels for another three hours. When you remove it, it will be still hot and very tender.

    Aubrey Page

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  3. tonto1117

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    Yep, what Aubrey said!! Take it up to the 185*-190* range, let it rest wrapped in foil in a cooler and you should be rewarded with one tender and tasty brisket!![​IMG]
  4. mrgrumpy

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    Yeah, what they said....

    I take mine to 170, wrap in foil and "juice". Then put back on the cooker until it reaches 190-195, then take it off and put in a cooler or on the table in a pan and cover with several towels to rest for at minimum of 30 minutes.

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    i take mine to 170°, foil with juice, and take to 200°;then let them rest for at least an hour.
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    I take mine to 190 int. temp and then juice and foil.
  7. deejaydebi

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    Hi Harold -

    Gotta do briskey to at least 185 for thin slicing or 195 for thick slicing or 205 for pulling.

    Pretty piece of meat when smoked but can be tough than a mules butt if not cooked long enough! Throw it back in there for awhile or in the oven it'll still tender up some.
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    Everyone is different. I take mine to the 170* area then put in alum foil pan and cover w/foil, then take to 205*. Let it rest for an hour covered by a towel then remove towel and foil top and let rest to make it easier to handle, don't throw away the juice!

    Separate the point from the flat, slice the flat as thin as you can, at this stage it will be close to 1/2". The point can then be made into burnt ends, pulled, chopped, what ever floats your boat. Pour the juice over the flat that you sliced and put into a container. Heat it back up the next day and SHAZAM! Your a hero.

    170 won't do you any good, wife will leave, kids will chose somethin else.

    Good luck
  9. Foil? For sure! Or at least cover. I have read here that some will use an aluminum turkey roaster covered in foil. I use a preheated enamel coated roaster pan, or dutch oven. I just find it easier to use one of these rather than mess with foil outside.
    And 170º is shoe leather.
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    yep, what everyone else said[​IMG]

    At least 190* before I pull it off. Foil sometimes, sometimes I don't, depends on what the brisket is looking like. 170* is about the texture of jerky.[​IMG]

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