TO cure or Not to cure... is that the question?... Hmm... Yes that is the question!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by shamokin, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. shamokin

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    Hi all, complete newbie here.

    Im looking for some advice on whether to cure a fresh sausage before smoking it.

    I want to cold smoke it for 12 hours and then vacuum pack it and freeze it to enjoy at leisure but dont want to get food poisoning. 

    If I add the appropriate amount of cure (not sure what the appropriate amount of cure is as i havent done this yet)  with a nitrate of 6.4% to it while making the fresh sausage then smoke it will this be enough to keep it from spoiling. 

    Any advice would be appreciated


  2. nepas

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    Yes you will need to add cure 1. Use cure 1 at, 1 level tsp per every 5 lbs of meat
  3. If you're going to cold smoke, cure is essential to protect against the possibility of botulinum toxin.
    Cure #1 (6.25% nitrite) is used at a rate of one level teaspoon per 5 lbs of sausage meat (156ppm nitrite)

    It's important to fully educate yourself before starting.


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  5. shamokin

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    Hi all!

    Made my first attempt yesterday.

    I cooked and ate some of the sausage right away and it was pretty darn tasty.

    Thanks for the info ( im still alive)

    Although next time a little less salt and a little less thyme and probably will add a smidgen more fat.

    I stuffed some of the meat in a Len Mahogany Salami casing and smoked it for about 6 hours.

    I wanted to do more but had to run out.

    I want to cook the sausage thats in the casing and wondering if i should cook it in a water bath to keep the whole thing moist 

    or if I can just bake it in the oven slowly.

  6. shamokin

    shamokin Newbie

    Pure nitrate?

    I have a prague powder

    I was expecting it to be pink but it turned out white.

    Got it from supplier in Toronto
  7. zalbar

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    @shamokin: Up here in Canada we have no regulations concerning the coloring of sodium nitrite or nitrate. If you got it from BSA I know they don't colour theirs which is where I get my supply. I do know that they add anti-caking agents.
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