To Burn or Not to Burn

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by jd1983, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. I put this question in another thread but it was at the very end and not really clear, so I figured I'd ask again.  I got a drum that held corn oil (the kind used in salad dressings, frying, etc.).  It is unlined.  Do you think I need to burn it out or can I just go ahead and make my UDS after rinsing it out?  Heck, with a little corn oil being left in there it is pre-greased for seasoning, right?
  2. I obviously don't think food grade corn oil is going to be a problem from a toxic standpoint, but my concern would be how long the corn oil sat in the drum and if it has gone rancid on you.  If that barrel sat out in the hot sun for a long time... well... you get the idea....just something to ponder....

  3. solaryellow

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    My recommendation is to burn it out completely.
  4. Then the question becomes is rancid corn oil something that needs to be burned out or would a good rinse with soap and water take care of it.  I know I don't throw a dish away if I have a food item that went bad on it.  When I get it opened up I will have a better view of the oil itself.  I imagine I will figure out really quick if the oil went bad or not.
  5. JD, IMVHO, for as little time and effort it would take to burn it out....I think it would be quicker, safer and more thorough than trying to wash all that corn oil out...just my humble opinion....

  6. solaryellow

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    Not to mention making quick removal of the exterior paint. ;)
  7. After reading up on rancid corn oil and the harm it potentially causes, I guess it can't hurt to burn it out.

    As for the exterior paint, seems like a lot of guys on here say you can leave it if you have a brand new drum.  I wasn't going to touch the paint if I did not burn the drum out.
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  8. terry colwell

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    If your not worried about the paint pealing up then just wash the heck out of it and bleach it real good. What type burner are you using, electric or charcoal? If it was me I would burn it,,, just brings out my PRIMAL[​IMG]
  9. rbranstner

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    I'd burn in off for two reasons. 1. burn out any residue that is left in the drum and also to burn off the outside paint then you can get a nice coat of paint that is meant for higher temps. That is what I do, take it for what it's worth.
  10. mballi3011

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    Now I'm a better be safe then sorry kind of guy and say BURN IT.
  11. scrappynadds

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    I would use a diluted bleach mixture and then come back with bakn soda then run a bunch of water thru it.......I would rather wash it away and then burn it if anything is left.........I would have a phobia about burnt rancid oil in my smoker.......Just my humble opinion and my superstitious way of thinking............

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