To Brine or not to Brine a deboned chicken

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  1. I am wanting to try the Maple Barbecue Turkey recipe I just saw in the newsletter on a deboned chicken that I make into a roll...The brine has a lot of salt and I am wondering with the flesh open to the brine (because I deboned it)  will it make it too salty...Thanks
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    One Cup of Morton Kosher Salt (7.5oz) per Gallon Water is a common brine ratio. One Cup Diamond Crystal is less(5oz) because of bigger crystals. One Cup Table Salt is more (10oz) because the crystals are tiny. I think it is a lot of salt too. There are quite a few Sodium restricted folks here, like myself. I use 1/2C Morton Kosher with great results. Just cut back the salt and you will be fine...JJ
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  3. Used the 1:1 ratio and the Smoked Maple Barbecue Turkey recipe with the chicken and it turned out just definitely ok to brine a deboned chicken. Thanks for your advice
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    Ok. I joined so i could say how great that looks.

    Just think of slicing thin on a slicer, toast and gravy.

    Points for you
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    that looks so yummy!!!
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    Shixa, morning.... Someone left the door unlocked.... I noticed you had concerns about stuff getting too salty.... I have overcome that hurdle by using an equilibrium brining technique....

    Let me explain.....
    Brining in a zip bag works well.... weigh the meat..... assume you will add 2 cup of water to the bag for the brine...
    For the example, the meat weighs 4#'s or 1800 grams... the water weighs 1# or 450 grams... 2250 grams total...
    I like a 2% salt and 1% sugar brine.. additional spices, to your liking, can be added....
    2% of 2250 = 45 grams and 1% is 23 grams... add the salt and sugar and dissolve in the water.. add any spices you like....
    This goes into the zip bag and all goes into the refer in a bowl of some sorts for 3 days up to 10 days.. (probably 1-2 days for your boneless chicken)..... Flip the bag daily and massage... It will not get too salty.... as you try this brine technique, the amounts of salt and sugar can be adjusted for personal preference...

    I even use this technique, at times, when curing meats.... The amount of cure #1 is based on the weight of the water and meat... 1.1 grams of cure #1 per pound give ~ 150 Ppm nitrite when the cure has 6.25% nitrite...
    The length of time to cure is based on meat thickness ... Brining from both sides of the meat, (no skin), a 2" thick piece will take about 8-10 days.... It needs enough time for equilibrium of all the chemicals... then a 2-3 day rest in the refer also helps....

    If you need to heat your brining solution to extract flavors etc..... Cool the brine to room temp before adding the cure... the cure breaks down, or something like that, somewhere above 120 deg. F..... I've not been able to find out exactly what happens to it but, many experts have had that note in their recipes...

    Thanks for letting me into your room, as I kick the door down..... Later..... Dave
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  7. Thanks Zoe. I enjoyed sharing that chicken at work...we put in on 5grain bread with a mustard base sauce...I think it would b great with a dark geen leafy salad also, appreciate your encouragement
  8. Dave thanks for the all makes sense actually and will be helpful next time....
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    So... I've got a brine on.

     I've used W sauce, Liquid Smoke, crushed garlic, poultry seasoning, onion powder, and a spicy mix for choriso.

    Added some salt and some sugar, water and now letting the pork suck in all the goodness.

    I'm deep frying up some pork ribs so that's why all the flavor.

  12. Wow the chicken looks amazing! Chef Jimmy and Dave will not steer you wrong, they are masters! Zoe, make sure you give us some pics, girl! Sounds awesome!
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    sorry they went fast and turned out good, batter was a bit too thick but will fix next time.

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