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  1. Not sure where to put this so that it would be seen by most but I thought we could start a thread on where to get supplies and the raw materials for the DIY builder. Of coarse we build day in day out we have some pretty good suppliers that we order from that you don't have to have a min order or business account.

    Also if you have suggestions on particular parts please try to include PART# and web address or a link.

    TIP & TRICKS - if you have built several smokers or figured out how to do something easier please be as detailed as you can.

    The hinge fairy came today  @Top Shot BBQ  we get all of our weld on bullet hinges from King Architectural for far less than other places.

    7'' weld on hinge with 1/2'' pin- part# 42-FBP-180 sold in pairs other places charge per hinge $10.77 per pair.

    we buy 10 pair at a time so it's a little less by like a $1.50 per pair

    4 3/4'' weld on hinge part# 42-FBP-120 $5.98 per pair.

  2. Problem is, it is a pain in the but to get materials, ...someone should start a web site that sells all this stuff, I'm surprised this site has not started something with all the builders that show up here.
  3. there are a couple sites that do, for the guy only building one every coupe years its not priced that bad and can get most everything in one place. But for someone like me going through 10 tons of steel a month and 10-15 sets of hinges10-15 TEL-TRU therm. it starts adding up if you don't shop the best deals.
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  5. Let's take those hinges, with my discount, I can get those for right about $4.00 from grainger, but still, they are not the manufacture. These things are probably about a $1.00 a pop for Grainger, or for the supplier they get them from.

    Go to some of the Chinese manufacture web sites, you can get a stainless steel gas grill for like $100.00 if you order 200 or shipping from China.

    I just think, if someone had the room , the web site, and shipping know how, they might have something. Hardware probably has the highest mark up next to cosmetic's
  6. I agree fully RW, on the hardware mark up. If I order a run of TEL-TRU 3'' 50-550 gauges I can cut that cost in half which we hope to order in Jan. Those 7'' weld ons sold on some of the one stop shop sites are like 13.. each not as a pair plus S & H. and the cam lock hold downs are outrageous too!!! but I like them and fit well with the style cookers we do. It's a never ending battle sourcing parts for production.
  7. Wish I could find a better hinge though, one with longer weld legs, like to get my hinge up and off of the tank a bit more.
  8. Someone with a plasma table could run a few batches of pie and slide vents, make them for a few bucks each and sell them for $25.00 a pop or better. Most people don't realize how much labor goes into building something like this, and how much time those little details take. Try to buy a pipe burner on line and see what you would pay for it!
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    Weld some key stock to it, to get it up.... I've used them a couple times..... I haven't figured out if I like them... I wish there was a better option to pipe and round stock...
  10. They need to be shorter and larger dia pin, and have a much larger leg than they do. Really not designed for this sort of door.

    Even in the fab world for other kinds of manufacturing, there is a lot to be desired. Everyone just kind of uses what's available.
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    Have also wondered why there was no thread or section for this topic.  

    There will be a difference between the member building a "one off" and the member trying to build multiple units.                             

    When I was looking for spring handles I found this company in southern California    They do wholesale so for production they would be good.

    My stainless door and firebox handles are from here because at the time... I needed them.

    For cheap cooker door hinges I used   "L"  shaped concrete anchors and bushings/pipe which come in different sizes from 5/16" to about 3/4". I used these because I had no effective way to bend round stock at the time I was doing it.
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  12. I have purchased mostly from Amazon. Some from RiverCountry, and KCK
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    That is a really good idea.

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