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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sjw867, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. sjw867

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm pretty new to the smoking world and just wanted some advice on what kind of digital thermometer I should use to leave in the meat while smoking. I have only used the smoker twice, the 1st time being an 8lb pork butt and the 2nd was last weekend with a 3lb chuck roast (I wanted my first attempts to be with meats that were more forgiving). Both were pulled. I thought for a smoking newby, both turned out fairly well.

    The smoker is an Master Forge electric smoker from lowes. It has a built in digital thermometer, but it's way off. What I had to do on the smokes was, stick the meat with the built in thermometer and try to use that for a guide. When I thought the meat was close I had to constantly open the smoker and stick the meat with a meat thermometer. As you well know this was an inconvenience and really stalled the cooking time. What brand of thermometer would you recommend, that is priced reasonably enough for the occasional smoker, but accurate enough to stick the meat and trust the readings without having to open the smoker and monitor the meat constantly. Thanks, Guys any input helps.

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  3. worktogthr

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    What he said ^^^^  Maverick is great.  Mine is called the Ivation digital BBQ thermometer but I am pretty sure its a maverick under a new name
  4. timberjet

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    hmmm. Maverick must have sold? Looks exactly like my et 732
  5. nascar

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    I just got a Mav-sending it back, they say its a bad transmitter.
  6. sjw867

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    Thanks for the replies. I checked the reviews for those thermometers on amazon and they sound solid. I will have to order one before my next smoke. I have to say, I was sold on the wireless. Being able to check the meat from my living room sounds too good to be true.
  7. treym64

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    Can't go wrong with maverick
    Mine works great
  8. noboundaries

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    Purchased my ET-732 last August.  I smoke on average 1-3 smoking sessions per week, mostly with a 275F chamber temp, sometimes lower, sometimes as high as 350F.  The Maverick transmitter and receiver are probably turned on a minimum of 12 hours a week on average.  I keep them inside the house when they are not in use so any low temps outdoors don't rob the batteries of life.  I don't use the alarms or other battery consuming special features, just using it for temp monitoring.  Haven't changed the batteries yet.  I'm sold on the Maverick.  If this one ever fails I'll instantly buy another one.    
  9. nascar

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    Plus I got to pay shipping-will return it when I get it
  10. Just got a Maverick ET 732 from Amazon for $40, and it is working fine!  Check their 'Warehouse Deals' for used, returned, open box stuff. They back it up pretty well - no hassle returns, but I have never needed to. This was clean and packaged like it was new. I saw no marks of use. Did the calibration check in boiling waer. Both said 205, perfect for my 4100' elevation. Now for the cooking and remote receiver use.

  11. worktogthr

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    Today my Maverick BBQ probe shorted out. I have never submerged it in water, exposed it to direct flame, or misused it in any way. My sister bought it for me in November. Anyone know if this will be replaced under the one year warranty?
  12. noboundaries

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    Absolutely!  I had one short out after 4 smokes.  Give them a call or send them an e-mail.  I think I sent an e-mail.  They'll send a new one.  The replacement they sent me was the 6' probe not the 3' shorty that came with the unit.

    Below is what I do to keep my probes from shorting.  I wrap the connection where the lead wire goes in the probe with shrink wrap, then heat it to seal the connection.  That should be enough.  I had some high temp electrical tape in the garage so I wrapped the shrink wrapped area to give it additional strength so it won't kink.  There are actually four probes in the picture with the potatoes but you can't see the second temp probe.

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  13. handymanstan

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    Don't throw it away. I believe that if you checked with a ohms meter the probe is open not shorted out. They are easy to fix if you can grind the crimp down.

  14. worktogthr

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    Thanks everyone for the tips! I am the least handy person alive so I will opt for calling customer service haha. hANDYMANSTAN, if it doesn't work, I'll send it to you.
  15. noboundaries

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    WT, let it dry out then shrink wrap it like a new one.  My probe that quit working and was replaced by Maverick, started working after I did that!

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