Tiny Bresaola

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  1. Tried a Bresaola, followed the recipe from Charcutrie(Rhuman and Polcyn) with the addition of cure #2 for the extended hanging. Was very simple and straight forward, trimmed eye of round roast, applied cure and seasoning(salt,sugar,BP,rosemary,thyme,and juniper berries), cured in a ziplock for 7 days, rinsed, dried, coated in more BP, and hung in my meat fridge for a little over 3 weeks. I grew a nice coating of white mold, and had an excellent flavor and was silky smooth to eat.

    Enjoy the pics

    Sliced thin

    And drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, delicious

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    Awesome !!!!!

  3. That loiks incredible! Been wanting to cure my own meats for some time,think it's tume to make a curing fridge!! Nice job! Wish I could tast it!
  4.  That really looks good. I have that book and I haven't read that far yet. I can't seem to find the time. Now I want to read it more than ever.

  5. Thanks guys, it was good. I'm really getting in to this whole charcuterie thing.
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    looks great, nice job A pork loin is also great this way, paprika in place of juniper Barrie's, a Little smoky, called Loma
  7. Thanks for the idea BigRub, I actually decided to go with a lonzino for the next one. Got it in the cure right now. Came up with a few more to try out along with the Lomo. Karaj(Hungarian cured ham) and a Kassler Ham(similar to CB)

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