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  1. This coming weekend I am planning on making my new pellet pooper (GMG Jim Bowie) work for its money.  I have a 15lb brisket, 3 racks of ribs, ABTs, SBTs and some stuffed portobellos (for the vegetarians).  With a dinner at 4pm on Saturday, I was going to run with the following times with smoking at about 235.

    Friday 10pm - put brisket in the smoker.

    Sat 9am - place ribs in smoker

    Sat Noon - place ABTs and SBTs in the smoker.

    I am looking to that he the ABTs and SBTs off the smoker at about 2:30pm is for appetizers.  I also have 2 ice chests and plenty of foil and towels to keep the ribs and brisket resting if they finish early.

    Do my times look good and how much timing should I give for the portobellos, or should I throw them on my gasser?  

    Thanks all for the help.  
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    Not sure how good the convection efficiency is with a pellet fired horizontal smoker, but you're only allowing 18 hours from start to dinner for the brisket...better figure on 22 including a couple hours for foiled/towel wrapped resting...me, if smoked @ 225* in stead of 235*, 24 hours including resting...that's for a lightly trimmed packer @ 15lbs without foiling to reach finished temps, just foiling to rest...foiling @160-170* will speed up cooking by at least an hour.

    Ribs: ~5 hours for BB, 6-7 for spares (depending on your preferences and slab weight)...beef ribs, depends on the cut (short, back, etc) and if you like them well done and tender, or med-rare.

    ABTs: large Japs (around 4.5-5" length will run at 2.25-2.5 hours, smaller Japs a bit less. I have smoked large ABTs for 3 hours+ @ 225* with a heavy bacon wrap.

    Portabella: no idea, but depends if you stuff them with any goodies, otherwise, go by texture...possibly 1.5-2 hours for tender but firm, if large...you're basically just heating them through and adding smoke flavor. If I recall correctly from my limited experience with them, they do have a tougher texture...very meaty and somewhat chewy, but I don't recall if you can or would want to attempt to finish them to higher internal temps for a softer bite and chew.

    Hope this takes care of most of what you're looking for...can't help with all of it, but I tried...(sigh).

  3. Thanks for the reply. Sorry I should have mentioned that they are spareribs. I wrote the post quickly during a break at work.

    I was planning on starting the brisket at about 8p the night before but a few things popped up that pushed the start time back.

    Again appreciate the response.
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    I would put the Shrooms on with the ABT's unless they are part of the Apps...JJ

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