Time to Smoke Multiple Butts

Discussion in 'Pork' started by tacosmcgee, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. tacosmcgee

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    Hi, all. Second post

    I did an 11 lb butt last weekend and it turned out wonderful at 1.5 hours per lb and an internal temp of 199

    I have invited my work team over this weekend, and I plan to do two butts probably 9 lbs each. I heard you should expect the time to take longer with two in there.... So should I assume 9 lb timing or 18 or somewhere in between?

    I was smoking around 220.... Could go cooler if it's better. I have time ..... Don't plan to oven cook or wrap other than the one hour rest but I want to make sure that I have it done. Should I start 24 hours in advance and just keep it warm and wrapped longer?
  2. Good morning TM  and welcome.   First congrats on the 1st butt.     As long as you maintain your temp it doesn't matter if you cook 1 butt or 2

    You don't need to add time.

    I usually smoke at 225 º and a 8 -9 lb. butt takes me about 12 hours plus or minus.

    Yesterday I smoked a 9 pounder in 8 hours. I started late so I knew I needed more heat, I smoked at 275 º  wrapped after 5 hours.

  3. c farmer

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    The cook time wont double.  2 9 lb butts will cook in about the same time as one 9 lb butt.
  4. tacosmcgee

    tacosmcgee Fire Starter

    By the way, this is 19 people. I'm a little heavy on the meat maybe?
  5. tacosmcgee

    tacosmcgee Fire Starter

    By the way, thanks guys!

    It really turned out great. I was thinking of injecting this one with Apple juice a day in advance
  6. nozzleman

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    Ultimately it depends on the 19 people, all young men that eat a lot or a mixture of kids, wives and men, etc.  But with that said I can not imagine how you could come up short with 18 lbs of meat for 19 people.
  7. tacosmcgee

    tacosmcgee Fire Starter

    Bad news! They had 17lbs total (bone in) and we are up to 23 people but this includes 3 or 5 small kids and several wives..... Worried that's short 😕
  8. tacosmcgee

    tacosmcgee Fire Starter

    Never mind. I go big. So I go to the next town and get another 8 pound shoulder with bone in. Making my dad's (RIP 😔) secret bbq sauce and going to start things up right after work Friday

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