Time to break in the Grill Grates

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by muralboy, Mar 1, 2016.

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    Ordered some Grill Grates as an upgrade for my wife's gasser (ulterior motive - I might steal them for my pellet smoker every now and then).  Following instructions (big surprise, rarely something I do), looking for higher fat foods for the first couple of cooks to season the grates.

    Saturday was 2 rib eyes - no pics.  But last nights were "rib tips" that I picked up from Sam's for $.97/lb.  Seasoned with Salt Lick rub overnight, then a dusting of a homemade rub (more of a traditional paprika based rib rub) early in the morning.  Let sit for another 4 hours.  

    Saturday - Cooked first in the Sous Vide, 12 hours @ 165 deg.  Ice bath to quick chill and into fridge.  Last night (Monday), warmed back up with Sous Vide and finished on grill, adding some Stubbs Spicy sauce at the end.  Served with a side of spiraled cut zucchini with green peppers, olive, italian seasonings and a fig balsamic

    So far, loving the Grill Grates.  Could see some flames below from the fatty juices that did drop below but not a single flare up where it counts.  Having fun with the Anova as well.

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    Looks like the grill grates are getting broken in pretty quick!

    Food looks good too!


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