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  1. I know experience is the best teacher, so as a newbie I am hoping to draw on the vast experience of SMF.  Is there a list available as a guide to how long to smoke different meats?  You know, like 1 hour per pound at 225F?  I am sure different cuts of beef, pork, and chicken would have different approximate smoking times, so I am just trying to be able to plan smoke times in advance, especially when I have multiple different meats in the smoker at once.  I will rely on the internal thermometer reading to tell me that the meat is done.

    If such a lits exists somewhere on the site or the internet at large, please point me in the right direction.

  2. Oops got a little antsy on the post..

    That gives approx cook time, the important thing to remember is every piece of meat you buy will be different.  Always go by finished temperature and never solely on time!!

    (Side note:  it's weird that you can't just cut and paste links on the new site.. using newest firefox )
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  3. Thanks!!

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