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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokingseoulja, May 26, 2016.

  1. Hey y'all. I've went out and purchased 2 9.5 lbs pork butts. I plan on smoking them overnight so I started them around 1030 pm. I'm smoking them on my WSM. They need to be ready by 0900 am. My question is, do I have a shot of getting them done by then? I've heard/read conflicting arguments. Some say 1.5-2 hrs per pound. Some say 1-1.5 hrs per pound. I don't want to rush it and sacrifice the juicy meat, so please help!!
  2. viper32

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    Don't rush it at all. The meat shall be done when it wants to. Do you plan on foiling or letting it go straight through?
  3. I plan on foiling around 160-170.
  4. lovethemeats

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    Might want to wrap it when it hits it stall point. You never know. I've had meat sit there for 3 hrs + before going up in temp. Other times it never hit the stalling point on temp. Just kept going. Plus it will keep it juicy. If you want more bark. Wrap it a little later near the end. I read another article where they wraped it at 180 then wrapped it. Took it to 210. Yes 210. And then pulled it. Still juicy but more bark. I tend to follow what alot of people here do. They give out some really good advice to follow. My smoking adventure has gained some really good results. I praise the good people here who give suggestions.
  5. viper32

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    I think that's your best bet because 2 @ 9.5 lbs to be ready in under 12 hours is pretty lofty, but I have hope you can get it done.
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    I doubt they will be done by 9:00 AM unless you wrap them. Also I would run the smoker at 250 instead of 225.

    Next time you do this, figure 2 hours per lb. based on the largest butt.

    Good luck! I hope you make it.

  7. lovethemeats

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    So just curious. How did the pork butts turn out. Please don't keep us hanging for too long
  8. So when I woke up around 0630, to my surprise my pork butts were at the targeted temp of 175. I basted and wrapped in foil. I decided to finish them off in the oven due to bad weather. The average temperature throughout the smoke was about 260. Both pork butts reached 195 at exactly 0910. I arrived at work at 0930, and was praised for my pulled pork recipe. Couldn't have done it without y'alls help. Thanks guys
  9. viper32

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    I'm glad you got it done. Always stressful when you have a time limit.
  10. For sure. Especially when you are the main course and everyone is counting on good barbeque. This was the first smoke that i had a time constraint. Thanks again guys for the helpful advice
  11. lovethemeats

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    Glad it all worked out for you. It's always good to impress the people at work with what you can cook. Good job.

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