Time for 28 lbs. of brisket, pls.

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  1. Hey All,  I need some advice on this- I am smoking a total of 28 lbs. of brisket (2 - 14 lb. packers). I will separate the flats from the points before I smoke 'em (just the way I like to do it) and smoke at 230 degrees, shooting for an i.t. of 200. What is a good estimate of the total time? I will remove the flats when they are done and leave the points until they're done. I've never done 2 packers at the same time before. I sure appreciate the help.  Thanks, Jim.
  2. I know this is late but 1.5 to 2 hours a pound is a pretty good guesstimate.  I always allow about 2 hours a pound so I don't get pissed if it doesn't cook fast.
  3. Thanks for the reply. No problem on the "lateness" - I'm not smoking it until this weekend. 1 1/2 - 2 hrs./ lb. would be between 42 & 56 hrs. It's going to be in 4 pieces (2 flats & 2 points) so I thought that would shorten the time some. What do you think? 
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    wouldnt cutting them down cut your time down since it isnt such a large piece of meat. just saying, and im no expert lol.
  5. Don't add them together for total cook time. I've cooked 8#'s or 280#'s and it takes the same time, just more fuel to keep it at temp.
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    Yep yep.  Cook time is largely determined by the thickness of the meat.  Separating a point and a flat will decrease the time not because each piece weighs less, but because of the overall reduction in thickness.
  7. Thanks for the replies.  This is what I'm wondering. It didn't seem to be right to add all the lbs. of individual pieces together to get the total smoke time. When I do just 1 packer- say around 14 lbs.- with the point and flat separated it takes about 12 hrs. (around 9 for the flat and 12 for the point).  So, on doing these 2 split packers I'm going to add just a little "buffer" time, say 2 hrs., or so.  Make sense?   
  8. Makes sense, but if your cooking at 230 it should take an hour to an hour and a half per pound. My OKJ Longhorn takes like 1-1/2+ per pound. I'd check your thermometer for accuracy.
  9. Thanks.  Yes, I agree. But when I separate the point and flat before the smoking it seems to shorten the total time. I have a modified electric smoker oven (a whole other story!) with digital temp control, but really go by my Maverick ET732. I pull the pieces at 198-200 i.t. I do have the smoker (& water pan) warmed up real good before I add the meat. 

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