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  1. I'm new to smoking but I have been using a pig cooker for years  on my pig cooker I know a 100lb pig will take about 9hrs I never used a thermometer to see what temp the cooker was . place my hand on the cooker for 2 seconds and its the right temp. But now I bought a smoker "ok joes longhorn'' my question is if I want to smoke pork butts @225 deg  how long will it take ? if I decided to do them @300deg how long will they take ? Is there some kind of a chart to get an idea ? Thanks  and happy smokin
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    James we really use IT (internal temperature) around here because using time temp has too many variables and we would never want anyone to become ill. IT insures that can't happen.

    For instance, we do approximate cooking times, but then we have to realize the current temp and your climate, using a fireburner or and electric, low and slow or the Texas Crutch, types of wood, things that only you'd know. So instead of making a mistake and you know it would happen we go straight my IT.

    I highly recommend that if you have not you sign up for Jeff's E-Course. Its a 5 day course will is great, it helps new smokers get their feet on the ground as well as the old pro's to catch a refresher. Dang ya know what I forgot to say here? Its free!

    So anyway if you use trhe search you'll probably find estimates, for instance pork using foil is about 1.5 to 2 hours a pound at 230. Without foil its 2 to 2.5 at 220. but then you'll have environmental considerations, type of smoker, etc etc....

    So I hope us understand why everyone here talks IT. It means that if you use the IT method no matter what else happens when the proper IT is met no one can get sick from nasty bugs. That just wouldn't be right.

    Most use a remote thermometer with alarm setting, you can use a digital pen, doesn't matter what but until you have mastered your pit its the best way to smoke.

    I hope you understand.
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  3. Thanks for the reply back , I always start checking IT when I think its about 3/4 way done. But I guess what I was asking is there a temp /time chart that will give you an idea . last thing I want to do is put something on to be smoked and guessing it will take 12 hours and have people over and in reality it was going to take 16 hours. I know as a rule of thumb if your cooking butts @225 its going to take 1.5-2hrs per pound . so what if I turn the heat up to 300 deg how much time would it take off.
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    It will cut your time about in half, but.... the meat will be so tuff you'll need a machete to cut it.

    That's a basic chart, not exactly sure how up to date it is since the have changed some USDA suggested IT's This last year. I am saying I have has it awhile.

    Hope it helps.
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