tiger beef shortys...haha with Q-view!!! ENJOI!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by turnandburn, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. decided to make some beef short ribs on friday night...for whatver reason i felt like sitting outside with nothing to do but stare at a smoker/grill....haha. i pulled them at around 4 hours or so...i was rolling at 255-60ish...i turned up the heat at the end and brushed them with tiger sauce or somthing like that?...little green bottle with a tiger on it...haha. didnt get any before pics, but i just rubbed them down with a little head country championship rub, pretty decent seasoning id def give it another try. anyways here the VIEW!! and please forgive me for the smokey pics.. that AmAzn pellet tube makes some smoke...hard to clear it out for a pic..

    around 2 hours.....taking in cherry wood smoke...

    4 hours and now time to slap on some tiger sauce or whatever its called..lol. sorry

    the final product..the sauce made them really dark looking....almost a purplish color..

    sliced pic...i ate these alone...yes ALLL OF THEM!! haha. dont judge me. they were delicious![​IMG]  thanks for looking folks...
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  2. bearcarver

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    Those look mighty tasty!!!

    Great post!!

  3. thanks bear...they were awesome..a little darker than i prefer colorwise but its whats on the inside that counts right?..lol...their inner beauty.. :) haha.
  4. seenred

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    Man, T&B those look awesome!  That sliced shot is money for sure!

  5. redneck69

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    mmmmm beef ribs...those look awesome!!  great job
  6. thanks Red! my wife had just got home with a hamburger from whataburger for her and our daughter....she was mighty curious as to why i was soo fixed on NOT wanting something from whataburger..lol...she got to see when she got home, she pretty much followed her nose home. haha. she kept waving that burger around me like "mmmmmmm, this is soo good!! what r u eating? oh you have to wait still??..??? " so when i finally brought them in i put them in a little cake pan and sat next to her and watched her as her mouth watered and she kept scooting over closer and closer to me...haha. and i said "oh what did u eat?..lame whataburger?..that sucks!"  victory for me!!![​IMG]
    thanks. patience pays off..definitely. [​IMG]

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