Three Meat Breakfast Sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by reinhard, May 4, 2015.

  1. reinhard

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    Why three types of meat?  Because that's what I had to work with HA HA.  I'm getting to like adding chicken to my sausage mix.  I believe it adds some flavor to it.  I also had some breakfast seasoning left, but didn't want to make 25 pounds, so I went for 12 1/2.  I'm also starting to like just grinding the meat just once.  Even with sticks.  Even stubborn Germans give up on their standard ways. But I still stick to some.  I have to say I like the outcome of final product.  Here is what I used and the step by step:

    7 pounds of pork butt

    3 pounds of 80/20 ground chuck

    2 1/2 pounds of boneless chicken breast with fat  [the butchers here trim the fat and excess meat off their boneless breasts for the service counter to make them look pretty.  Put the trim in trays and sell it for 1.50 per pound as chicken fat.  It's at least 70 percent meat]

    4 oz. of Curley's Southern Breakfast sausage seasoning

    2 big T of diced garlic

    1 cup of dry powdered milk

    2 cups of water

    I ground the meats once through my medium plate.  Sprinkled the dry milk over the meat.  Mixed the seasoning and garlic in the water and poured it over the meat.  Mixed everything well.  Nice sticky mix.  Then stuffed everything in small plastic bags for the freezer.  Got over a pound in each one.  Tied the ends up with butcher string as shown below. 

    Here are the three meats [pork, beef, and chicken] in the grinder.

    All ground once, through a medium plate.

    Everything is in my plastic lugger ready to be mixed up.

    A good sausage mix is a sticky mix.

    Here you see the butcher string layed on my counter.  Got one end tied to one of my drawers.

    After stuffing the sausage into the plastic bags, press down on the top a bit and give the end a few twists.

    Put that twisted end on the string.

    Overlap the tag end of the string and make a simple knot.

    Grag that tag end and tighten that knot up and repeat.

    Always have to make a taste test!!!  No cure so none of that nice red color it brings.

    Here is how the tubes look after they get tied one after the other.  All on the same string.

    FInally after all the tubes are tied, just cut the string in-between the tubes and your ready to put them in the freezer.  Reinhard.
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  2. Looks great! You gotta get yourself some sausage rings and crimpers!!
  3. reinhard

    reinhard Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Ya, that's another tool for me to get.  I've been tying sausage for over 40 years now.  Hard to break away but I've looked at them over time and just could not bring myself to buy them HA HA.  Reinhard
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    RH, Good looking sausage !
  5. larryp

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    Interesting... I've never considered using anything other than pork in my breakfast sausage. Sounds good though, I'll have to give a blend a try.
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    I noticed you didn't check any of the boxes on the bags!

    Since my wife doesn't like pork, wont eat pork, I make a bunch of chicken or turkey  sausages. There are some pretty good flavor combos you can come up with!
  7. reinhard

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    Case, I checked only the sausage box and put a date on it.  Didn't have a spot for pork, beef, or chicken.  Hopefully  this fall I can check the venison box.  The last two years we had some hard winters.  So bucks only where I hunt until the herd has a comeback.  We had a great winter here this year so it should help.  Reinhard
  8. Nice Job

  9. foamheart

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    I like the way you did that sausage "wrap".

    Oh and why not just buy some new drawers with good elastic? I mean lifes to short to keep tying them up.

    Nice job!
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  10. reinhard

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    Tying the tubes the way I do, makes it for a quick job as well as a good seal.  Guess I have done this for so many years it's hard to change.  One thing I would suggest for anyone tying sticks or tubes is to make sure the butcher string is wet.  Makes for a better knot.  The drawer is holding up well, but the handle I had to tighten the screws a few times.  Reinhard
  11. boykjo

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  12. That looks like some good sausage.  I need to make some more of that too, we are out, my daughter kept steeling it.

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