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    I enjoy taking a cheaper, tough a** hunk of beef and making it into something tender and delish. Got out G'mas old DO to work it's magic on this chunk of choice grade chuck, marked down at Wal-Mart. Not hard to do, just takes a little time.

    Marinate overnite 2.5 pounds of chuck, round or sirloin in 1/4 cup chili powder, 6 cloves chopped garlic, 5 Tbl lime juice, 3 Tbl oil, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp cumin. I used a zip-lock baggie with meat cut into fairly large pieces, you will shred it later.

    Day 2: preheat oven to 350. Combine the beef, marinade, a can of 28 ounce crushed tomatoes, 2 cups beef stock, a 12 ounce dark beer & 1 tsp oregano in DO. Bring to a boil, cover and bake for 45 minutes. Uncover and bake another 45 minutes. Cool, remove beef & shred. Pour juice over beef in large container, put in fridge overnight.

    Day 3: In skillet sauté 1 medium onion, 3-6 diced jalapenos until soft. Add beef mixture to skillet and simmer about 20 minutes. Sauce will thicken. Add 1/2 cup or so of sliced olives, your choice of black or stuffed green. Get your burrito fixings ready. Sliced lettuce, sour cream, cheese of choice, avocado, diced tomato or salsa, beans etc. Excellent dinner.

    after 1.5 hours...reduced goodness, delish as is

    13 inch flour tortilla--biggest available

    made 2 burritos with plenty left for crispy tacos in a few days

  2. seenred

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    That sounds and looks great, Willie!  Thanks for shaing the recipe and the photos.  I'm saving that to put on my 'to do' list.

  3. kathrynn

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    Ohhhhh yummmmm!  [​IMG]  You have given me another reason to bring mine out again!

  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Oh boy does that look great!!! I have a cheap roast in the freezer that'll work perfect for this dish! I know what's for dinner!
  5. Wow that looks so good my mouth is watering. My mother in-law just gave us a Le Cruset DO I'm defiantly going to try this.
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Nice,Willy   I love Brisket Tacos and Burritos and Enchiladas and Flautas and.....

    Awwwww,heck ,I just love Brisket ,anyway I get it...[​IMG]
  7. hova1914

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    *bump* gonna hafts try this later in the week!
  8. man bear pig

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    Wow that sounds so awesome. Thanks for giving me a reason to break in my new Dutch oven.

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  9. pgsmoker64

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    This looks like a great DO recipe Willie!

    I just purchased a cast iron DO but have not seasoned it yet....guess I better get to work!

  10. chef willie

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    Thanks....I'm flattered you would use my thread for the first go in your new DO...enjoy, I think you'll like it.....Willie
    Yeah, break that bad boy in. I'm hearing flax seed oil is the best to use if you can find it.....Willie
  11. little smokey

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    Willie you have more skills and knowledge than most people put together, but you need to learn how to wrap burrito properly.  You got a lazy end on her there.  jk

    Great job looks awesome, gonna have to give this a go also.
  12. chef willie

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    Dude, I know enough to be dangerous as the saying goes. Learned most of what I know by stealing ideas or making mistakes. Now, that burrito was made for dinner about 6....I'm pretty much retired so Happy Hour starts about 230 now.....LMAO.....I'm happy it stayed on the plate! Great use of usually cheaper, tough chuckie though....enjoy......Willie

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