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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by fire in the hole, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. I am new to sausage making. My son and I made a garlic sausage today but my question at this time there a secret to threading the casings onto the stuffer tube?????? Once we got the casing opened it wasn't bad.....but finding the opening was the chore. A real pain. Is there a special way you guys start out???? 


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    A thin stream of running water will help open the casings.  The casings should be well rinsed before using.   Also keeping the tube wet goes a long way to loading.
  3. Also try cutting the end off nice and straight with scissors.
    Grab the end of the casing between index finger and thumb and kind off roll it, it should open right up.
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    Ditto with al
  5. Al......Sorry for the confusion,,,,it was to rinse the center with the fresh water, that's where my problems began. I rinsed them in cold water, then had to fight to get them open to rinse thru the casing.
  6. Maybe I'm to impatient. I did try the role method......and I even cut off little snip......but with a sharp knife.
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    Just takes a bit of practice, next time you'll be an old hand at it and you won't have any problems,  I guarantee.
  8. If you hold both corners of the casing, with the end off the casing directly under the stream of water, it should open right up.....when not near the sink, I use the roll method.
  9. patience is a must for first time users!i cold water wash casings inside and out and place them in a bowl of cold water,then before  i put them on the stuff-grinder i spay a little cooking lube or just plane old cooking oil on stuffer tube,slide casing on and its a wrap!take your time and have fun playing with different seasoning mixes!i can assure you wont run out of hungry friends willing to try your product!oh and ask real your friends to give real opinions on your product...good or bad it makes a difference in what you do down the road!good luck and keep on trying!!!!!
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    What casings are you using, size, type, packed in salt or salt solution. I recommend soaking them for a while before rinsing them.  Move them around... they should be as soft like silk but wet...I have had some that were hard to get open.... just have to work through it..


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