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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gotch, May 19, 2016.

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    Preliminary ramble - 1st smoke on this new to me smoker was too cold due to stock pan covering the burner completely and me blocking the "vents" in the pan (as suggested in these forums). 2nd smoke was too hot, running cast iron skillet on stock chip pan, vents open in the pan (another excellent idea from these forums).

    So I've got a gas rated needle valve on order to help control temperatures. Not going to be ready for this weekend though, so I'm looking for options.

    I'm running a 10" cast iron skillet on top of the stock "chip pan", once again this weekend. Instead of turning the burner on and off, I'd like to add charcoal chunks in the stock pan and completely shut of the gas.

    Is this feasible? How many chunks to start with? Do I get the charcoal going first and then add the skillet with chips?

    I'm prepared to experiment but if anyone else has run this before I'm open to suggestions.

    Meat - beef ribs, looking for a low and slow cook. 225F ish...

    I picked up a Maverick 733 that is showing very accurate in boiling water, so I'm not worried about monitoring. I used it on my second smoke with chicken thighs.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. gotch

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    Just perusing the beef threads... Looks like I'll shoot for 250F to 275F. Post of pics will be in the beef forum, probably up Tuesday.

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