Thoughts on MES 40 inch "bottom" of butt being Leathery/dry? + Pork for 75-100 question..

Discussion in 'Pork' started by will75, Sep 19, 2015.

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    Is this just the way it is? My favorite part is when the sweet spicy bark melts in the mouth, usually the inside is perfect as well. I was up in blue ridge for the BBQ fest last week, and while meat street's bbq was decent, it wasn't as good as my own.But i am biased, i prefer a lot of bark.Nobody at the event was giving bark..

    Now on to the issues~

    Sometimes the sides and the bottom get a bit tough on my butt's, is this just a matter of the way it is?  I was thinking maybe the temps are too high, but at the same time. I have issues with my MES if i open it say once an hour to do anything, the temps drop 20-50 degrees and while MY RACK probe's drop, the internal cabinet's temp doesn't drop properly, and then i end up smoking at 275 to get a 225 temp on my digi's and the heater is always on. So maybe that's the issue? 

    I am not a comp smoker etc.. However my family and friends all rave about how amazing my meats turn out and how they prefer mine over these people who show up at markets etc. (so i know they aren't bs'n nor would i want them to,i want to always get better) These people who own businesses etc.. , so i decided i want to see if "more" than friends and family feel the same way about my product. So i am doing a 5 hour event next friday and i will probably need to do 50-65 pounds of raw pork butt for about 75-100 people.I am thinking of ordering a 2nd 40 inch smoker the BT version of the MES just for this event, because i am not sure how i can do 50-65 pounds of pork + fixin's + 1 full flat+point brisket in this 1 machine, hell i am not even sure how i am going to do this with TWO, aside from babysitting the smokers overnight on thursday. If i half ass it, i will not be confident in the product i'm delivering and won't really know if people like my product. 

    I was thinking of doing the   smoke day before.... Vacuum seal + ICE method and then reheat with sous vide  (have 2 sous vide machines anova + sansaire , for not being a chef i have a lot of home tools lol). Would it be smarter probably to pull it all before vacuuming sealing?   The sous vide method would be no problem, having 2 machines and hours before the event i could get it all done and pulled into a cooler with towels. So many options i guess? Safety being the #1 priority of course.. Today's plan is to fire up my 40 incher and test EACH rack's temp with the machine heated. I also have a genesis grill but i read that you only get about 10 hours at 225 on a full can of gas,, which down here in florida is $17-20 each refill.

    FUN nonetheless! Winter is coming to florida..Means going outside is a little more tolerable soon!
  2. Disclaimer: I am not a elec smoker operator.  ...but it sounds like you're overcooking the bottom.  You could flip the butt halfway thru to try to even out the cooking.
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    I just did a small butt yesterday, and have done many in the past. I've never had that problem. Don't know what to say ???

    However, I wish you well on your event! Sounds like fun. Cooking ahead is the way to go, pulling it as soon as it cools enough. And if your only talking a few days, there is no need to freeze. It'll beep fine in the fridge. As for reheating, a crockpot works well, or you can reheat in the oven in covered foil pans. Just make sure you save your drippings to add to the container when you rehear. Or you may want to check out Chef JJs Smokey Au Jus.

    THAT can't happen too soon!
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    Thanks for the responses!  I am still debating now with 2 electric smokers.. to just be done at noon,,, then foil/cooler the 6 butts and then pull on site with the clawz!   Event starts 5pm. Setup starts at 3. I might bring 1 smoker with me.
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    I have smoked a lot of pork butts at different temps and have never had the issue you describe.  I definitely have smoked them at 275 and not had any toughness issues - but 225 is my favorite.  I honestly don't even know if it makes any difference but I just like it to take a long time for some reason.  

    Here's what I would do, though . .if I was sure my temps were good . .I'd try putting the butt in a disposable foil pan.  Leave it open.  That should protect the bottom and sides and still give you enough smoke penetration.  It might turn out too soft that way . .in which case you can experiment with timing - ie, put it in the pan mid-way through, etc. 

    Good luck!

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