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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by matthewstultz, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. I have a proposal in place that would give me up to $2000 for a smoker. It is for a grant and the smoker is a line item I put in there with eloquent persuasion.  I already have a 22 WSM and a 22 kettle and natural gas grill. I have been looking at gravity fed, side by side, and anything that pops up in the search.  Some that have really caught my eye are ones that can bolt to a hitch receiver and become heaven for a campout or tailgating party.  

    I would never have this much cash to spend on a smoker typically so I don't know what is actually good at that price point.  The mobility isn't a game breaker but it is a plus if possible.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.  Greatly appreciate it!
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    Have you thought of going stick burner?

    I would plug the smoker i recently bought after using a WSM and Kettle. I have a Lang 36. i have the base model but you can get the Deluxe and/or hybrid. It is mobile (rolls around pretty easily) but you aren't going to take it far without something like a motorcycle trailer. 

    As far as using it: i love it! There are many videos out there about using one etc and several reviews on this site. Check it out on their website (google Lang smokers) and see for yourself.

    Happy Smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron)
  3. I'm totally flexible, doesn't HAVE to be charcoal.  gator pits has one that is really nice, their tailgater.  Seems like the nicer ones don't have leaks and use a higher quality metal for the build.  
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    I vote LANG!

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    The Lang Hybrid Runabout, is a 36" smoker same as gator, but is reverse flow, AND has a 30" Grill all on a Trailer. A couple hundred more but more bang for the bucks and plenty of storage space on the trailer. You have to add the Cargo Carrier $325, to the Tailgator and now the Costs are Equal...Seems like the Lang is the better choice and at camp you just un-hitch an go, no removing the smoker, attaching legs, pulling the rest of the hitch off and so on...JJ
  6. This is exactly true, the problem is storage for a full trailer.  I have room in the garage for something on a pedestal or wheels that can be put on a hitch, but a full trailer just won't work unfortunately.  
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    Well sounds like Gator it is...JJ
  8. Heard anything about their stuff?  
  9. chef jimmyj

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    No, just what I read on their site...JJ

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