Thought I had Short Ribs, now what?

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  1. So, I sent the wife to a local butcher near us to pick up some beef short ribs for the upcoming holiday. She returned with these (see pics below). After searching the forum I believe these may be "Dino Bones"? Not quite sure what I have here. Any suggestions on how to smoke these? Should I separate them, leave them in a whole slab, or cut them across the bone (I could use my reciprocating saw). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    That very well could be dino bones...thick slab with a heavy fat layer between the bones and the cap muscle...coming from a meat shop,  they generally don't trim some cuts very much, so this could be deceiving me.

    If anyone knows for sure, it would be Pops...would probably take him about 5 seconds to ID what you have here. I'll drop him a PM so he can give you the low-down.

    Based on what I'm seeing, you could smoke it as a whole slab, but be prepared for a long smoke...9-1/2lbs will take close to 15hrs @ 225*, although you could run it up to around 250*. Cook by shrinkage and pull-back of the meat from the bone if you like them tender and well-done. These are big enough that you could probe for I/T as well...take to 200* or so, if that's your plan. Me? I'd go for the full would be an inspiring sight to bring that out of the smoker.

    Some guys portion them out to single bones before smoking and hit with smoke on open-grates for 3-4 hours, then pan and add a broth to finish cooking to a tender state. This will reduce cooking time dramatically, btw, but will increase the bark by exposing the cut meat before it's cooked. It also provides more surface area for rub and smoke on your rib meat.

    GREAT lookin' beef rib slab!

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    Oh yeah , those will be awesome! Salt and pepper , like the man says , you could cut them apart a little to shorten the smoke and that's def a way to go , but I agree on cooking the whole slab to 200
    That thing'd be like a bbq prime rib! Keep us posted . I'll be very curious to see how this comes out. I guarantee it'll be good eatin'! :sausage::grilling_smilie::sausage:
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    Those are beef ribs off the crosscut arm shoulder roast:

    rib bones separated:

    Cut them into individual long ribs and rub and smoke to 185° - 200°F; building bark on all sides - will drive you crazy with great flavor!  Riscky's BBQ in Fort Worth built a BBQ business with All-You-Can-Eat Beef Ribs since 1911 on those ribs right there!

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    Wish I could find me some Dinos, they come out awesome every time :)
  6. hambone1950

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    Well there you go! The man knows what he's talkin about. Can't wait to see how they come out.
  7. Thanks Pops, I believe I will take your suggestion and somke them as individual ribs. I will post pics of the finished product.  Thanks again for the advice/info!!
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    IMO, that is the best cut of Short Ribs you can get, none meatier! They can be smoked whole or cut. There is less risk of them getting dry whole but time is the trade off. There should be a great result cut as well as there is plenty of fat and collagen to keep them moist...JJ
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    brns, morning....  Those will be sooooooo good...  I think that's my fav. cut of beef....   lots of flavor.... and very tender if cooked to around 190-200.....    Lucky you.....  

  10. flash

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    Long boned short ribs. Just uncut. Smoke as you would normally. If it is Prime meat, you can even grill them. No 190º to 200º here. And were they ever tender.  [​IMG]

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  11. That's a great looking slab of meat!!! I'd smoke those any day of the week! 
  12. Short ribs update.  So I took Pops advice and decided to split the slab into individual ribs.  I must say it was good advice because these ribs turned out better than I could have ever imagined.  The taste was similar to a Delmonico steak.  Definitely  will do these again! Q-view below:

    Ribs sliced and ready for Rub

    Rubbed and ready for smoker

    About 3hrs in, cooked at 250 until IT 200 smoked using charcoal and cherry

    Rest for 30 min, ready to eat!!

  13. radio

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    Those look so danged good!  How much per pound were they?  The market I get most of my meat at quoted me $5.99 a pound for shortribs which I thought was too high, but if they looked like those I wouldn't hesitate.  They didn't have any in the case for me to look at, but I'll ask to see some next time I'm in there
  14. These were $2.79/lb.  26 bucks for 9.5 lbs to feed 6 people w/ leftovers not bad.
  15. radio

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    $2.79  a pound?!?!? [​IMG]   I would be loading up the freezer for sure!  makes me feel like the $5.99 I was quoted is a ripoff!
  16. I suppose it where she shopped to get the goods as to the price she paid.  We have a local butcher here who is high priced.  Drive about 30 KM further and you find normal priced butchers.  Point, I asked the local one about the price of Pork bellies to make bacon with.   He wanted $4.69 LB, the further out, $2,69 lb  So it pays to pay attention who you deal with.
  17. radio

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    Prices vary widely here also.  The place I got the quote from is a market that is very well known for top quality meats, but I was still surprised at the $5.99 quote.  Will be in town tomorrow and plan to ask at a couple other places. hopefully I will bring home some dino bones[​IMG]
  18. flash

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    I got them for $1.99 a lb some time back. Now I rarely see them and at no where near that price.

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