This Weekend's Smoke w/ Qview

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  1. Hi all:

    So I set out this weekend to smoke a 6lb bone-in butt, 6.25 lb standing rib roast, some sausage and a couple bone in chicken breasts.

    Pork butt

    I applied Jeff's rub a day in advance then let to come to room temperature Friday evening.  It went in the smoker at 10:40 p.m. Friday and reached 195 degrees on Saturday around 4 p.m. - total 17 hour cooktime.  I smoked it in the MES until it reached around 180 degrees with mostly apple and a little cherry and hickory; everytime I added chips I also added a small amount of mesquite charcoal and sprayed the meat with apple juice every hour or so.  I was too lazy to make bbq sauce so I made the finishing sauce and it was ok; the pork was better without it.  It turned out great, nice bark. I didn't notice whether the mesquite charcoal (as this was the first time i tried this) added any flavor, however, I did notice something which resembled a smoke ring.  It was pulled from the smoker at 196 degrees, wrapped in towels and put in the oven.  However, there was no carry over with the temperature. I let it sit in the oven for an hour and it dropped to 189 in that time.  Regardless, it fell right apart and the bone was clean.   




    Standing Roast

    I applied an awesome garlic paste composed of fresh garlic, kosher salt, coarse ground pepper, rosemary and sage and applied it to the entire roast.  It rested in frig for about 12 hours then was taken out, allowed to warm to 45 degrees and placed beneath the butt in the smoker, but offset.  It went in around 9 and reached 130 by noon.  I was using apple and cherry wood and still doing the mesquite charcoal.  I tented it on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven.  Again, there was lit

    tle to no carry over.  The temp rose at first to around 132 degrees and then started dropping.  I served it after a 30 min rest and it was pheomenal, but a little undercooked.  I did notice the middle bone did not have a really smoky flavor, yet the ends were perfect.  Prior to serving, I scraped off the garlic paste and used it as a garnish.  I also am going to apply the paste to the meat prior to reheating.




    Bone in Breasts

    I dropped these two breasts in a container of italian dressing and let them marinate for 12 hours or so.  They were in the smoker for about 3 hours and was told they were fantastic, even better than my beer can chicken.  I tasted a little and it was really good, but chicken is boring.



    I threw in 2 italian and 2 tri pepper sausages for 3 hours, they were good like usual.


    The prime rib was better than Morton's, Ruth Chris', Flemings, etc, etc etc. However, the cut of meat was more expensive than any of those steakhouses too, so I guess you get what you pay for.  Enjoy the pics, comments are welcome.

    I'm going to be warming up all the leftovers today.  Any suggestions on how to warm up an entire bone in cut?  Thanks. Matt C
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    Looks like you hit a homer on everything!

    It all looks delicious!

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    WOW that's a load of good lookin food. [​IMG]

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