This Weekend's Efforts (Pic Heavy)

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  1. We had some friends coming over yesterday so I thought it was a good excuse to fire up the MES and kettle. First, the butt. Here it was rubbed and ready to go in the MES.[IMG]

    Here it is after it came out 12.5 hours later. I smoked it at 250 with applewood chips.
    [GALLERY="media, 293320"][/GALLERY]

    Next, I acquired a slab if St Louis spareribs and I thought try something different. I smoked these on my Weber 22.5 with hickory.

    Rubbed and ready to go on
    [GALLERY="media, 293321"][/GALLERY]

    Just put on the grill
    [GALLERY="media, 293324"][/GALLERY]

    At the halfway point I rotated the 180
    [GALLERY="media, 293326"][/GALLERY]

    Done and resting
    [GALLERY="media, 293327"][/GALLERY]

    Sliced and ready to devour. Not a bad smoke ring, huh?
    [GALLERY="media, 293329"][/GALLERY]

    A good time was had by all. Thanks for looking.
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    You can always count on the Weber smoke ring. You've been eating pretty good lately.

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