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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jbg4208, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. jbg4208

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    We had a nice family get together at my parents this weekend. Pulled the smoker to their house and parked it by the pool. It was quite nice, I could see the temp gauges on the smoker from in the pool. Yes, I was roughing it.

    We had 8 racks of ribs, a 12lb pork loin, brauts, hotdogs, baked beans, and there was even a sirloin steak on there at one point.  I rubbed the ribs with my own rub mix and the loin was rubbed in Pappy's Garlic n Herb seasoning. Spritzed about every hour with a mix of apple and jalapeno juice. The food was great and a good time was had by all. Here are a few pics of the process.

    This is the loin going on about noon. That sucker was Huge!!


    Here are the ribs on, they had been on about an hourish. brauts and what was left of the hotdogs. The sirloin is in this one too. Had it covered in Montreal steak seasoning.


    Preping the beans.


    Here is everything right before it came off.


    Here is the whole spread (After the ribs had been into by my dad.) My mom made a mix of white potatoes, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and corn. My wife made some avacado/tomatoe salad. It was a pretty nice eveing so we ate by the pool. you can see it in the top right corner here.


    Here is a close up of the loin. The camera on my phone didn't capture the smoke ring very well at all. But it was there.


    It was a good weekend.
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  2. richoso1

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    Wow, what a feast, saying it was a good weekend is an understatement. Nice smoke ring too. I'm in the wrong family...thumbs up toy ou on this post[​IMG]
  3. jbg4208

    jbg4208 StickBurners

    Thanks, Richoso. Ok, it might have been a great weekend.. [​IMG]
  4. pandemonium

    pandemonium Master of the Pit

    Everything looks great!! Nice feast!![​IMG]
  5. That's one heck of a feast, Looks real good!!
  6. acemakr

    acemakr Smoking Fanatic

    Hey jbg, feast is grossly understated. What beautiful food!
  7. thunderdome

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    Great QView. Thumbs up'd your post
  8. jbg4208

    jbg4208 StickBurners

    Thanks everyone!
  9. pineywoods

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    Everything looks awesome and I'm sure tasted even better nice job
  10. new2que

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    Aint nothing better than a cold swim after tending to a hot pit!  Great looking bbq, especially those ribs! woooweee!
  11. jbg4208

    jbg4208 StickBurners

    That is what was so nice about it. Get hot? just turn around and jump in the pool. problem solved. 

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