this might be a stupid question, but....

Discussion in 'Pork' started by stircrazy, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Please bear with me as I have never had pulled pork and I have only seen it on here and on Pitmasters.

    so why exactly is it pulled?  and is the only way it is eaten on buns?

    I am thinking of trying one pretty soon, so I just was looking for info on why and how it is served.


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    Pull is talking about how you prepare the cooked meat. You pull it apart. You can also slice and chop it. Usually when you pull it you take it to 205 degrees and it will just fall apart for easy pulling. For slicing or chopping you can take it to 190-195.

    As for how its served alot do it on a bun but you can do it over nachos in a taco or on the plate by its self. Then there are finishing sauces you can use too.
  3. Try it soon, you have a real treat ahead of you. I like it on a bun with some wet coleslaw.
  4. Ok, thanks.  guess I have to do some reading.. that thread is long haha.

  5. Steve, you can serve it any way you want, you're the cook. I've had leftover pulled pork, so we made a homemade BBQ pizza, and it was great.
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    Stircrazy, there are no dumb questions here only great answers. [​IMG]
  7. That's a good idea. Think I'll try that next time.
  8. this past tuesday i decided to try a butt..i followed the link to the point an came out with some great results! so great im doing another one tonight. reading it is deff worth it!
  9. i kinda like those long threads

    it seems like if you read through several pages of a thread sooner or later you'll spot someone who had the exact same problem (or solution) you had
  10. Pulled pork can be used for tacos, sandwiches, pizzas, chile verde, chili, you name it and you can probably make it with pulled pork!  Good Stuff!!!
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    It was not intended that you read the whole thread, just meowey's how to. Sorry, should have made that clear.
  12. Ok so new question, do most people use a finnishing sauce or is that just a personal flavor thing? 

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    I put sauce on the side and let people decide if they want it.

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