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  1. Does the state of Florida have any traditional style or way of doing BBQ? I know this may be a dumb question but was just wondering.....
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    I understand Florida BBq would be based on a specific style you may have one place doing Carolina, one doing Kansas City etc. if I was a native of Florida given the culture I would think semi Caribbean meets Jamaican Jerk. Florida has had a bit of everyone from French Spanish Native Americans Cubans etc. Understand North Carolina BBq and it's background is rooted in African slaves and the South Carolina mustard sauce is based on the German influence. So it looks like its up to you to establish a native sauce...could be a good business opportunity.
  3. I have lived in Florida my entire life and have had BBQ all over the state. I would not really say that there is any definitive "style" that is more popular than any other style. Most of the places I have been will usually have several sauces to choose from depending on what you like. 
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    Create your own niche.  You could end up being known as the one who created "Florida-style BBQ".
  5. @smokenado @Bvbull200 That's something to definitely think about!

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