This just in... Cincinnati Reds add a smokehouse at their ballpark

Discussion in 'Pork' started by cole, May 11, 2011.

  1. cole

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  2. bearcarver

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    That is Awesome!!!

    Johnny Bench will probably be seen there often (one of my favorites)!

    He'll be there showing how he can hold 7 Pork BBQs in one hand!!!   [​IMG]

  3. smokinal

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    Probably be $10 for a PP sammie that won't be as good as yours, but hey it goes great with a $7 beer!
  4. Pete Rose was my guy. I don't think he'd be allowed there though.


  5. bearcarver

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    LOL---Yup that's my favorite Johnny Bench picture!

    I think he actually hurt himself doing that one time!

  6. shellbellc

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    Hey Bear...I don't know if you ever get to a Phillies game, but they have Bull's BBQ out in right field area.  Bull is actually Greg Lozinski.  They have a huge pit and smoke is definitely rolling.  Not cheap, well nothing in the park is cheap, but they have a selection of pp, pulled beef, kielbas, ribs, 1/2 chic, turkey drumsticks...sides of mac and cheese, beans and cole slaw and I think corn bread.  I got the turkey drumstick and it was pretty good.  A nice spicy rub and I think it was brined using a bit of a cure because it was actually a little hammy.  Son liked the pulled pork and the ribs were ok.  You can also get your ticket signed by Greg "Bull" Lozinski as he sits right there by the check out most games.  Neat talking with him. 
  7. Grab a Hudepohl and listen to Marty say"This One Belongs to the Reds".
  8. bearcarver

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    The Bull was my second all time favorite Philly, right after Mike Schmidt.

    I met the Bull a couple times at Memorial Park in Quakertown (my actual home town).

    He brought his New Jersey Legion team into Quakertown for tournaments---His son Ryan (Baby Bull) played on his team.

    My brother & I knew all of the Quakertown players, because we coached them from when they were 13 to 16 years old. Then they moved to Legion Ball.

    It felt strange rooting against Luzinski, after cheering for those 500 foot "Bull Blasts" at Vet Stadium!

    Guarantee the Bull could eat his share of Pulled Pork!!!

  9. lexoutlaw

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    luckily, i go to lots of reds games, when cubs are in town. im in kentucky. it would ruin my day if i got up there and it wasnt any good.....

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